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Sex and the City Gifts

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Grab your tulle skirt and heels and get ready for all the best SATC gifts! I’m a Carrie (obviously), but whichever lady you are there’s a gift for you and all your friends.

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Fan Obsessed Sex and the City Gifts


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Dress like Carrie, Work like Miranda, Play like Samantha, Love like Charlotte! This is solid life advice and perfect for the girl who wants it all

Friends Forever Bracelet

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This classy bracelet is packaged with the best friendship quote ever to come from Samantha’s mouth

Saint Miranda

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Pray to Saint Miranda when you’re having love issues (or just if you’re a fellow Miranda)

The Bradshaw Tea Towel

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Never forget your (and Carrie’s!) favorite cocktail recipe with this tea towel

Name Necklace

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Wear Carrie’s infamous name necklace with your own name!

Sex and the City Wine Charms

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Grab ya gals for wine night with these SATC character wine charms

Carrie + Mr. Big Shirt

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In short or long sleeves you can rep this couple (if you’re on Team Big anyways)

Magnet or Button Set

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Keep the ladies on your fridge or bag with either this magnet or button set of the fab four

Love Keychain

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Spread the love like Carrie with this keychain

Samantha Art T-Shirt

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This shirt is a perfect presentation of Samantha and the Samantha in your life is sure to dig it

Carrie’s Apartment Floor Plan

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This print is the perfect home decor for the Carrie in your life

Carrie’s Crystal Necklace

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Another necklace dupe, this one features crystal on a delicate chain

Hanger Ring

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For the serious fashionista this ring is the perfect accessory!

Cinderella Keychain

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Any shoe lover will dig this keychain that states the fact that Cinderella proves that shoes can change your life!

What Would Carrie Bradshaw Do? Print

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Ask yourself, WWCBD?

Sex and the City DVD Set Season 1-6

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Catch up with the ladies anytime with the SATC DVD set!

SATC Quote Pillow

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Don’t we all want to see our money hanging up in the closet?

Sex and the City Book

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Discover where the TV show came from with the novel the show is based on

Shopping Is My Cardio Candle

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This candle’s scent is inspired by none other than Carrie Bradshaw herself

Charlotte York Print

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