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20 Stocking Stuffers for Writers

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Whether they are writing novels, sports articles, screenplays, or blog posts, all writers want something special in their stocking that shows that their family supports what they do or at least knows what they do! Plus, getting something that supports their writer careers is always nice! Here are some pretty awesome stocking stuffers that your favorite writer will love!

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Creative And Unique Stocking Stuffers for Writers

“I’m not quiet, I’m plotting” Shirt

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When they are being quiet, it is probably not because they are just being quiet or don’t want to talk, they are plotting or planning what to write.

Alice in Wonderland Writing Gloves

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Since Christmas happens right as winter is starting, these Alice in Wonderland writing gloves will come in real handy in helping them keep their hands warm while they type. Even when the house is warm, their hands could get cold easily!

“Team Oxford comma” Decal Sticker

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If they love the Oxford comma, they definitely need this decal for their laptop.

Personalized Custom Journal

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Personalize this journal with their name so that they can make novel, article, or blog notes.

“I was created to create” Pin

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On some level, we were all created to create, but writers rarely realize their own creativity until someone else mentions it. This “I was created to create” pin is a great way to show them that you think they are creative for all the things that they have, are, or will write.

“Tears of my readers” Mug

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A hilarious mug for someone who writes novels or tearjerker material.

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else -P.T. Barnum” Necklace

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As a writer, they are not like anyone else. In that way, they can make a difference in the world with their writing.

“Plot Your Work” Writer’s Planner

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This writer’s planner is great for them to plot out their novel, if they don’t already have a method to their plotting.

Protagonist and Antagonist Earrings

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In a novel, there is always at least one protagonist and one antagonist, and now they have one of each to wear as earrings while they write or for special occasions.

“Novel in progress” Shirt

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Help them announce that they have a novel in progress with this shirt!

“You are dangerously close to being killed off in my novel” Mug

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When someone is bothering them, they just may “plot” their death in a novel in some shape or form.

“Bibliophile” Bookmark

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As a writer, they are also a reader, it is what strengthens them. They need a good bookmark to keep their place in paper books!

Book and Pencil Keychain

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Their keys will be more fun to carry on this book and pencil keychain.

“If you wish to be a writer, write” Journal

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Sometimes being a writer is hard. Sometimes there are times of writer’s block or times where they don’t feel like they can write as well as they had originally thought. The main thing is for them to continue writing, no matter what, and this journal can help them do just that.

Disgruntled Hedgehog Backpack

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For their laptop or writing supplies, this disgruntled hedgehog backpack can be rolled up and put into a stocking for making their supplies fun to carry.

Custom Book Cover Locket Necklace

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Have their favorite book cover put on this book locket necklace, and the pictures inside of their favorite people or pets.

“Mightier” Pen Pin

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They are sure mighty with a pen at hand!

Vintage Library Lending Card Phone Case

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Keep their phone safe from drops with this unique vintage library lending card phone case.

Personalized Illustration Pencil Case

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Personalize this illustration of books on the pencil case with their favorite book titles! If you don’t know their favorite books, then perhaps look up some books that were written by their favorite authors.

Handwriting Bracelet

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Get their handwriting on a bracelet, maybe even a line from something they have already published, or just their autograph.

There are so many gifts that the writer in your life will love, and these here are great to start with some drool-worthy stocking stuffers.

Writers aren’t the only ones that need stocking stuffers! Check out some of these other ideas too:

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