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25 Stocking Stuffers for Writers

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Whether they are writing novels, sports articles, screenplays, or blog posts, all writers want something special in their stocking that shows that their family supports what they do or at least knows what they do! Plus, getting something that supports their writer careers is always nice! Here are some pretty awesome stocking stuffers that your favorite writers will love!

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Creative And Unique Stocking Stuffers for Writers

Writers are a unique breed… And these ideas for stocking stuffers for writers are unique as they are. If you’re a writer yourself make sure to let Santa know you want some of these under the tree this year!

I’m a Writer T-Shirt

Is that a threat? It just might be! This shirt both shows off that the writer is, in fact, a writer and warns everyone around them they better behave.

Writing Gloves

Since Christmas happens right as winter is starting, these knit writing gloves will come in real handy in helping them keep their hands warm while they type. Even when the house is warm, their hands could get cold easily!

death wish coffee

Strong Coffee

It might be a running joke in the writing community that coffee is extremely necessary but that joke comes from the truth. Skip ordinary beans and tuck in a small bag of super strong coffee into a writer’s stocking for a much-appreciate Christmas gift.

Personalized Custom Journal

Personalize this journal with their name so that they can make novel, article, or blog notes.

Created to Create Sticker

On some level, we were all created to create, but writers rarely realize their own creativity until someone else mentions it. This “I was created to create” sticker is a great way to show them that you think they are creative for all the things that they have, are, or will write.

“Tears of my readers” Mug

A hilarious mug for someone who writes emotional novels or tearjerker material.

Write Drunk, Edit Sober Shot Glass

Write Drunk, Edit Sober Shot Glass

It’s funny because it’s true. Don’t get this order mixed up, either.

Storymatic Synapsis writing prompts

Creative Writing Prompts

Sometimes even experienced writers can suffer writer’s block or have room for improvement. These writing prompts help get creativity flowing, which in turn makes writing whatever they were trying to write easier.

Writer Candle

When the candle is lit don’t disturb the writer!

Don’t Enjoy the Writer Mug

When someone is bothering them, they just may “plot” their death in a novel in some shape or form.

leather bookmarks


As a writer, they are also a reader, it is what strengthens them. They need a good bookmark to keep their place in paper books!

“If you wish to be a writer, write” Journal

Sometimes being a writer is hard. Sometimes there are times of writer’s block or times where they don’t feel like they can write as well as they had originally thought. The main thing is for them to continue writing, no matter what, and this journal can help them do just that.

Ask Me About My Book Tote Bag

For their laptop or writing supplies, this tote bagk can be rolled up and put into a stocking for making their supplies fun to carry.

I'm a Writer I create universes Keychain

I’m a Writer Keychain

Small and subtle, this little keychain is great for a younger writer or anyone who wants to show off their hobbies wherever they go.

Writer’s Block Cube

Kind of a gag gift, this block is a funny way to say “I see you”. It’s a writer’s block… Get it?

The Writing Process Chart Shirt

The Writing Process Chart Shirt

If you’re a writer you’re familiar with the writing process… And let’s just say that this is pretty accurate.

Custom Book Earrings

Most writers are avid readers… And most readers will LOVE their own book cover earrings! Get their favorite… Or a few.

lepen pens assorted colors


These are hands down my favorite pens – they make writing and journalling so much nicer. Trust me, a writer will appreciate them!

“Mightier” Pen Pin

You know the saying: the pen is mightier than the sword. This pin is a cute way for a writer to display what they do – and its value.

Writing Dice

Writing Dice

Who doesn’t appreciate a little extra inspiration? These writing dice are super handy for that and perfect stocking stuffer size.

Book Locket Necklace

This is such a thoughtful stocking stuffer. Tucked inside the little book is whatever you like: custom pages or photos.

Writer’s Pencils

There have never been more accurate pencils made.

First Lines Literature Coffee Mug

First Lines Literature Coffee Mug

Another inspirational stocking stuffer idea for writers, this one pairs well with coffee or tea. The sides of this mug are decorated with some of the most famous opening lines of literature ever.

future best selling author hanging sign

Future Best Selling Author Sign

This one is great for a younger writer to remind them that you believe in them.

super tiny mini notebook

Tiny Notebook

The world’s smallest notebook that can still hold plenty of big ideas. Such a cute idea for a writer since it’s stocking stuffer sized.

Writers aren’t the only ones that need stocking stuffers! Check out some of these other ideas too:

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