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20 Gift Ideas for Ostrich Lovers

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Stumped on what gift to buy for your favorite flightless bird enthusiast? Look no further, this ostrich lover’s gift guide is exactly the place to find all of your unique ostrich curiosities. Scouring the web for just the right present is for the birds, we’ve put together our top 20 most unique ostrich gifts out there!

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Unique Gift Ideas for Ostrich Lovers

Ostrich Pens

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This set of multicolored ostrich ballpoint pens are the perfect gift for the artsy and fun bird lover in your life! With an unmistakable ostrich design, they’re both cute and zany!

Ostrich Charm Necklace

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This gorgeous silver ostrich charm necklace is the perfect piece for any ostrich lover. It’s elegant design makes it suitable for any occasion, and can be used as a charm on just about any accessory.

Ostrich Whiskey Stones

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They’ll keep the laughs coming, and the liquor cool all evening! These sleek looking granite whiskey stones featuring an ostrich engraving are perfect for the classy ostrich lovers out there!
Pick up a set to really surprise them this year!

Ostrich Feather Duster

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This incredibly handy must-have ostrich gift is perfect for the neat freaks in your life! This authentic ostrich feather duster is made from 100% real ostrich feathers. Making for a high quality and practical gift, this is an easy pick for that one bird lover!

Geometric Ostrich Statue

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This elegant statue is the perfect piece of desk decor for your favorite animal lover. Great as an office or holiday gift, this statue brings the world’s favorite flightless bird to your mantle, desk or kitchen!

Ostrich Mug

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This comedic and charming ostrich mug is a subtle way to show your ostrich pride! Leave everyone in the break room gazing with jealous admiration of your snazzy mug. (Send them our way!).

“Ostrich ate my Homework” Journal

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This notebook is a cheeky gift for any ostrich or bird loving students in your life! We believe that unique can also mean practical. Whether it’s for planning, grocery lists or lectures this notebook will bring a ton of joy to any fans of the distinctive flightless bird!

Ostrich Egg

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No, not a real one! This ornate vintage glass ostrich egg is adorned with a timeless ostrich herd print that’ll make for the perfect collector’s piece. Pick one up as a mantle topper for that ostrich loving friend or family member this year!

Ostrich Wedding Cake Toppers

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These adorable cake toppers are the perfect gift for the bride and groom to be. Amatuer wedding planners take note, eye catching is always a yes! Knock the socks off of your favorite animal loving friends with this one of a kind couples gift!

Ostrich Feather Tassel Earrings

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These are a go-to for vintage style lovers! Ostrich fans will rejoice at these elegant feather earrings, which add the perfect classic touch to any outfit. Grab a pair for the perfect unique ostrich gift!

Ostrich Gift Cards

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These handmade designer gift cards are the best way to say you care, if ostriches are your bird of choice. These 4×4 cards feature a set of ostriches in a cute minimalistic style. If you’re looking to reconnect with that favorite animal lover in your life, these are a great gifting idea!

Tanzanian Coin Necklace

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Why a coin you ask? It features a minted ostrich on a necklace, that’s why. Handmade, this ornate piece of jewelry will have that one special ostrich lover in your life jumping with joy! Highly collectible, handmade pieces like this will be a truly memorable gift you shouldn’t pass up.

Ostrich Clock

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It’s an ostrich clock. What more could I say? In terracotta, this piece is a gorgeous piece of decor that could easily fit into any design taste. This piece consists of an ostrich holding a pocket watch under its beak, pick one up for an eye-catching centerpiece that will have your ostrich fan over the moon!

Gold Ostrich Plumes

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These genuine ostrich feathers are an exotic and interesting touch of color for any animal lover out there! With a wide variety of uses, these plumes could make for great craft gifts, or costume components!

Brass Ostrich Leather Ice Bucket

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For the animal lover with a kicking bar! This ice bucket would warm the heart of any ostrich lover out there, plus it makes the perfect addition to their mini bar. A vintage, this bucket is sure to make for an excellent collectible as well.

Glass Ostrich Bead

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Glass ornaments are highly collectible, one of a kind items you won’t find anywhere else! This distinctive ostrich bead has all of the characters the lovable birds are known for. Grab one for your ostrich loving friend as a surprising stocking stuffer!

Clay Ostrich Statue

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This stylized ostrich statue in clay is a highly unique ornament that would make for an excellent gift exchange idea! Everyone is looking for new ways to update their decor, and everyone knows ostriches are the new fashion, (don’t they??).

Charcoal Drawing

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This framed piece of wall at features an ostrich portrait in charcoal. This handmade illustration is a gorgeous and thoughtful personal touch that’s really hard to come by! Animal lovers like unique, and that’s exactly what this gift offers.

Ostrich Fringe

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This decorative fabric comes in one yard of lavender colored fun! USeful for the crafty gifters out there, impress your favorite animal lover by adding some ostrich flair to their next piece of clothing or accessory!

Reusable Ostrich Tote

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Going green is the new black! Ditch plastic and hang with the birds, this distinctive and eye-catching tote will have everyone in the produce section gawking with admiration! Ostrich lovers the world over will be jumping with joy for one of these bags!

Thanks for checking out our top 20 unique ostrich lover gift picks! Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect something for your favorite someone!

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