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20 Christmas Presents for 15 Year Old Boys

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Buying Christmas gifts is hard enough, but when it comes to teenagers, you never know what to get them. Asking them sometimes doesn’t help either, so you may be on your own. That’s why lists like these exist, to help guide you to the next awesome gift without losing your mind.

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Popular Christmas Presents For 15-year-old Boys

Dragon Ball Z FighterZ Game

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For the fifteen year old gamer, this game is one of the ones released in 2018 and is sure to be a hit if he doesn’t already have it.

“You rock” Guitar Pick

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Remind him that he rocks with this special guitar pick.

“I’d flex, but I like this shirt” Shirt

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His muscles are so big that he’d rip the shirt wide open!

Mystery Money Soap

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Every teenager loves money, and this money in soap might encourage him to shower more often!

“I paused my game to be here” Mug

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Whenever they pause their game to do something, you get a “look!”

“Gamer: allergic to fresh air and direct sunlight. Will perish outdoors.” Definition Sign

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He is a devoted gamer, which means he is most certainly allergic to fresh air and direct sunlight. He might even act like the outdoors will make him die or disappear.

Personalized Leather Wallet with Different Designs

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This personalized wallet comes in many different designs, and you can pick the one perfect for him and his hobbies.

“Due to unfortunate circumstances I am awake” Shirt

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He hates to be awake, especially early in the morning. Help him show his disdain for this torture with this shirt.

Hipster Reindeer Mug

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It’s Christmas, so of course, he needs a hipster reindeer mug for his hot cocoa!

Sloth Personalized Notepad

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This sloth personalized notepad is a great place for him to leave notes for his family before he runs out the door.

“Got bacon?” Shirt

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If he loves bacon, he will definitely love his new bacon shirt.

Captain America: Civil War Movie

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Captain America: Civil War is an action-packed movie that will leave him on the edge of his seat, even if he’s seen it a million times.

“Keep calm and wear an ugly sweater” Christmas Shirt

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Instead of an ugly sweater, maybe he wants to wear an ugly Christmas shirt?

“Say yes to new adventures” Print

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New adventures are always calling, encourage him to take advantage of them, responsibly of course.

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

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An old book, but a classic. It is quite the read!

“Fart loading, please wait” Shirt

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He is always farting, so it’s almost a guarantee that there will be farts loading constantly.

King Kong Movie

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King Kong is another awesome movie for a teenage boy to watch.

YouTube Bath Mat

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If he is into watching videos on YouTube, or even making his own, this is the bath mat for him.

Sports Wall Art Prints

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The sports enthusiast fifteen year old will love these sports wall art prints. Frame them up so they can go on his wall right away, or they will sit around forever.

Samurai Phone Stand

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He definitely needs a samurai phone stand to keep his phone from falling over when he watches videos.

Christmas gifts are fun to buy, even for the fifteen-year-old boys in our lives, as you can see!

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