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20 Best Office Secret Santa Gifts

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Let’s be honest, you don’t want to spend too much money on the office secret Santa. You don’t like most of the people and you don’t have much money anyway. That’s not a problem because with these affordable office secret Santa gifts, nobody will ever know you spent less than ten dollars in total this year.

You loveable cheapskate you!

Portable Ramen Cooker


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Do you have a slob in the office? We all know that person. Send them a subtle message with a portable ramen cooker. It’s about solving the problem without any of those hurt feelings.

Monogrammed Bottle Stopper

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Practical and creative, it’s the best of both worlds. It’s cheap but it looks expensive. Now you can feel awesome when you think about how much effort you (looked like you) put in.

Lemon Tea Infuser

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For the kettle hog in the office, the lemon tea infuser lets you sip your favorite beverage in style. Plus what’s more adorable than a tea infuser that’s actually shaped like a lemon?

Multi Bicycle Tool

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The multi bicycle tool may look like a weapon, but it’s actually for the non-violent cycling freak. It can be used for everything from tightening nuts to creatively opening beer bottles.

TV Memo Pad

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Never forget anything again with this TV memo pad. Complete with sticky notes, write something down, and slap it on. Also good for remembering to record that TV show you’re missing because you’ve got to work late.

Ticket Stub Diary

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Never forget a concert or a sports event again with the ticket stub diary. It’s cheap and affordable and holds all those memories from yesteryear. The music and sports fan in your office will appreciate this.

Business Card Holder

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Conquering the business world always requires a dose of narcissism. This business card holder is just perfect for the boss with an ego to massage. Look at all these people he knows!

Dinosaur Desk Organizer

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Roar! Because nothing says organization like a dinosaur holding your memos.

Smartphone Microphone Stand

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Hold your smartphone with this microphone stand. It’s a novelty and it’s a practical solution for the office klutz who can’t seem to stop cracking their screens when their phone slips out of their grip.

Tree Trunk Planter

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The office cubicle can be a drab, lonely place. Bring in the outside with this tree trunk planter. Disclaimer: Is not in fact a real tree, just a nice thing to put a plant in.

Vanishing Vase

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Get a truly unique gift by getting someone something they can’t see. The vanishing vase makes it look like your plant is suspended in the air. It’s bound to make the whole office go ‘wow’ after the holiday season.

Hand-Shaped Office Organizer

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Lend a hand to your co-worker. Let them get a grip on things. Or just assault them with hand-based puns. Either way, they’ll never be unorganized again with this office organizer.

Voodoo Notepad

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If you have someone who never stops complaining, the voodoo notepad is the gift for them. This gag gift lets you stick needles in someone without any black magic side effects.

Tea Pods

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There’s nothing like a luxury tea. Choose a batch of tea pods for your secret Santa, or put together a gift basket with lots of different tea pods.

Scrabble Coasters

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Keep their hands away from them for long enough and you can take all 56 to hold a Scrabble tournament across the office. An ideal way to annoy your boss!

Stylus Pen Set

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Pen and paper has gone out the window. But you can harken back to the good old days with this stylus pen set. They work with all mobile devices too!

Mug Warmer

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If you know someone who forgets to finish their beverage, thus mug warmer will keep their coffee warm and toasty.

Cartoon Keychain

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Everyone needs a keychain, but this is a survival keychain. Not only is it fun and happy, if you’re ever attacked whip it out and it turns into a weapon. Hooray for office violence!

Fuck It! Button

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Sometimes office life gets a little too much. Slam this button when the stress levels are high. That way you don’t have to whip out that cartoon survival keychain above.

Dear Asshole

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Purchase some light reading for your office friend this year. Now you can turn office gossip intellectual with this bedtime read.

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