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20 Gift Ideas for an IT Guy or Gal

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I’ve spent a lot of years working in the tech industry and it definitely gets a little exhausting dealing with other people’s computer problems. Give that trusted IT guy or gal a little gift to say “thanks for fixing my printer again.”

Say thank-you to the service desk or your IT guy or gal with one of these great gift ideas! | Gift ideas for IT guy | Help desk thank yous | Christmas presents for IT guy or girl | Presents for IT guy or gal | Service desk gifts


Gift Ideas for an IT Guy or Gal

Computer Whisperer Shirt

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This might as well be how the IT person solves everything in the eyes of everyone else.

Floppy Disk Notebook

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This mini notebook has a perfect retro vibe for any computer geek. Great way to make use of some floppy disks too.

Keyboard Pillow

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Work can be boring but sleeping on your actual keyboard is not very comfortable.

Warning Mousepad

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Do not touch the IT person’s computer. Step away!

Customized Bracelet

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This bracelet is engraved with the IT gal’s motto: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” (Why don’t people try this?)

Pug Art Cards

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These silly cards masterfully convey the art that is computer diagnostics and repair.

I Void Warranties Mug

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Just a warning, taking this apart will void your warranty. No choice if you want it fixed right now though.

Circuit Keychain

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Get your favourite IT guy one of these circuit keychains as a small appreciation gift.

Keyboard Waffle Iron

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Literally the greatest waffle iron in the history of the universe. Finally they can eat their keyboard for breakfast!

Circuit Board Frame

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This frame is made from repurposed computer parts. Now what kind of photo are you going to put inside?

All You Need Is Love Sign

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A hard truth for even the most hopeless romantic: All you need is love and wifi.


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This set includes 4 different computer related magnets: Computer geek, I write code, Declare variables, not war, and one that just has binary 1s and 0s on it.

Business Card Holder

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Now your IT person can show a bit of personality by proudly displaying their business cards in this techie business card holder.

The Geek’s Guide to World Domination Book

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Giving this book might be risky but hopefully they’ll remember where they got their start when they take over the world.

Let Me Google That Pin

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There is nothing more infuriating for someone working tech support than having to constantly address problems that could easily be solved through a Google search. This button conveys all that sarcasm without having to utter the words.

Circuit Board Hair Pin

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These bobby pins are charmingly geeky and come individually or in a set of 6.

Eat, Sleep, Geek, Repeat Art Print

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You know what your IT gal is all about. Frame this art print up and help her fill in everyone else.

Wifi Went Down Mug

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Make your IT guy laugh with this mug. Hopefully the wifi doesn’t go down too often, socilaizing is hard.

Screen Cleaner

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Please stop showing your IT person the problem by touching your screen. Thanks.

IT Department Shirt

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It may not be what they actually do but it certainly is something they wish was an option from time to time.

People often forget about the IT guy or gal in the office (even though they make sure everyone else can do their job). Great job not being one of those people! They’re definitely going to appreciate it.

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