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20 Commemorative Gifts for Baptisms

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Commemorative gifts for baptisms can be cherished for many years to come. Baptisms happen at any age and it’s a massive day in your life that should be celebrated. When I was baptized, I was a 7th or 8th grader, and it was something I chose to do. Often I think about how beautiful it would have been to have something made with that date on it, so I could look back and remember over the years. When giving a gift for baptisms, you want it to be extra special. Take a look at these ideas so that you can be inspired to find that perfect gift you are looking for.

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20 Meaningful Commemorative Gifts For Baptisms

These presents are the ideal way to remember such a momentous event. 

Praying Musical Lamb

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Soft and adorable musical lamb set also comes with a book too. This little lamb encourages your child to pray with it.

Guardian Angel Keepsake

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This pewter cross is intended for a baby boy to commemorate his baptism. It is 3 inches tall and a fantastic souvenir.

Wooden Baby Block

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I love that you can personalize the baby block with the recipient’s name, the date they were baptized and anything else that is meaningful to you.

Keepsake Box

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This keepsake box can be customized with a name, and it has a poem on the inside. It is so elegant and pretty.

Personalized Cross

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A stunning wooden cross that you can customize with the recipient’s name. It is indeed a beautiful piece and a fantastic way to remember such an important event.

Baptism Wreath Ornament

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This Christmas wreath is so pretty, and you can add his or her name and date of baptism. This keepsake can be hung on the tree year after year.


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You can add a name and date of baptism to this quilt as well as the color of thread you want. Each gift is unique.

Wooden Memory Box

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Each box is made of rustic pine wood and engraved for your needs. These boxes are great for storing essential keepsakes.

Framed Wooden Sign

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I love how cute and sweet this farmhouse style sign is. Made from reclaimed barn wood and can be personalized.

Customized Stuffed Elephant

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Imagine how much cuddling is going to take place with this adorable elephant. Each plush toy has vinyl wording on the ears.


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A beautiful lantern can be personalized and makes a beautiful night light for a child’s room. It would go fantastically on a dresser or bookshelf.

Wall Hanging Plaque

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A little girl is praying with a cross in the background on this silver cross. You can hang this anywhere, and they will love how thoughtful this gift is.

Mosaic Cross

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Mosaic cross that makes a beautifully vibrant gift that can be carried in your pocket or purse. You could also hang the cross on the wall.


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A commemorative book is a unique way to show you care about their baptism. I love that you can personalize each one with your child’s name.

Bible Cover

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These bible covers look and feel like genuine leather. Lots of colors to choose from, and it will be laser engraved with the wording of your choice.

Picture Frame

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A photo of the big day inside this frame is a perfect gift to remember their baptism. Each frame has Psalm 91:11 on it.

Baptism Keychain

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Often people do not get baptized until they are adults. A keychain would be a daily reminder of their commitment to God.


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Several different options for engraving this compass. This is an excellent idea for anyone who likes timeless beauty and history.

Personalized Heart

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Choose from many different fabrics and have it customized with your information. You can also pick if you want to have lavender added to your fabric heart or not.

Hand Painted Bible

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A handpainted bible is sure to please anyone who has recently been baptized. What is more meaningful than a text during such a momentous occasion?

Nothing is more meaningful than giving one of these commemorative gifts for baptisms because they will last forever. 

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