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20 End of Year Classroom Gifts for 5th Grade Students - Unique Gifter

20 End of Year Classroom Gifts for 5th Grade Students

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As the school year comes to an end, your mind is full of all those teacher things that you need to do to “close up shop.” Picking out the end of the year classroom gifts for your fifth graders is one of the more enjoyable things you get to do, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. That is why this list is here, it is a great place to find ideas and get the right things for your students as you say goodbye to them for the summer.

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Fun End of Year Classroom Gifts for 5th Grade Students

Plastic Water Bottles Personalized with Names

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Something to keep them hydrated while also making them feel special is always in order.

Smartfood Popcorn Yellow Variety Pack

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Popcorn for summer movie nights will never steer you wrong.

Glow Sticks Party Favors

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This set of 100 glow sticks means that you can give a few to each student and give them hours of fun at home.

Grandma’s Mini Cookies Variety Pack

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Cookies are fun because almost everyone enjoys eating them!

Jolly Rancher Lollipops

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Lollipops are a classic going away gift, and Jolly Ranchers are super tasty.

Bestway Swimming Goggles 3 Pack

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Keep them suited up for all their water play that is coming up this summer.

Water Balloons

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Water balloons are one of the most fun things to have when it’s hot!

Starburst Wholesale 5lb Bag

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Remind them of what huge stars they have been in your life, with these Starburst candies.

Plastic Color Assorted Round Style Children’s Sunglasses

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Their eyes are important, and that is why sunglasses make great end of year classroom gifts no matter the grade.

Colorful Bank Books for Journaling, Sketching, and Writing

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Get them set up to keep a great summer journal with these bank books.

Crazy Loop Straws

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Crazy loop straws are another fun way to encourage them to stay hydrated and have fun.

Smarties Candy Rolls 5lb Bag

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Smarties might help them feel smarter, especially with a little note attached telling them that they are super smart.

Star Bubble Wands Assorted Colors

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They are a star, so bright and smart, tell them as much with these star bubble wands.

Silver Tone Sun Face Beads

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Sun face beads will look great on a string bracelet or a chain necklace, or even as a zipper pull on a hoodie or backpack.

Gel Pens Pack of 120

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Give them some tools to keep them writing, drawing, and practicing their creative passions this summer.

Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Gummy Worms 5lb Bag

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Sour gummy worms are very popular for all ages.

Kidsco 12-Pack Playing Cards

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For those days that it is too hot or storming, these playing cards can help them stay busy indoors with family and friends.

Globe Squeeze Stress Balls

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While summer is usually fun, there might be some stress involved!

PartySticks Glow Sticks

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Keep them glowing, even as their minds take a bit of a break this summer.

Tootsie Rolls Fruit Chews Assorted 4.5lb Box

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Tootsie Rolls fruit chews are a great twist on a classic!

Getting your students a gift for the end of the year doesn’t have to be mind-boggling. All of these listed here are great choices.

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