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20 Gift Ideas for Physics Teachers

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It’s a time of year where you want to get your physics teacher an awesome gift, but where to start? This list is full of perfect gift ideas for science and physics lovers, and yet unique at the same time. From shirts to prints to jewelry, and more! Let the Physics teacher in your life feel special as you give them a gift that fits their career path!

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Creative Gift Ideas for Physics Teachers

“Science, it’s like magic but real” Einstein Shirt

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Science might seem like magic to some, except it is much more real.

“E=mc2” Print

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The classic equation on a print. Frame it so they can hang it up or laminate it to last longer.

Soundwave Bracelet

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Your physics teacher will love this soundwave bracelet, but choose the sound and words that go in the soundwave wisely.

Quantum Physics Atom Cufflinks

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Atom cufflinks will leave your physics teacher feeling homey whenever they have to dress up for an event.

“I may look like I’m listening to you, but in my head I’m solving string theory” Coffee Mug

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The chances are that even though they look like they are listening, they are probably solving some kind of physics theory or problem in their head instead.

Women in Science Poster

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If the physics teacher in your life is a woman, she definitely needs this Women in Science poster to hang up on her classroom wall.

Heavy Metals Band Shirt

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These real life heavy metals sure do make up the best band, don’t they?

Atom Keychain

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An atom keychain will help your physics teacher keep better tabs on their keys.

Albert Einstein Necktie

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Every physics teacher needs Albert Einstein necktie to make their suit complete.

“You matter unless you multiply by the square of the speed of light… then you energy” Coffee Mug

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You matter, unless you energy, a funny mug for a funny physics teacher.

“Na-P” Sloth Shirt

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Sometimes your physics teacher needs a nap, and the best way to excuse the nap is with the elements Na and P together.

Albert Einstein Wine Glass

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Albert Einstein is one of the most famous scientists, which is why your physics teacher needs a wine glass with his mug on it.

Atom Earrings

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These atom earrings come in your choice of color, so if you know your physics teacher’s favorite color, make sure to choose it!

“Let’s taco bout relativity” Shirt

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If they love tacos and talking about relativity, they will absolutely adore this shirt.

“My degree in physics makes me highly qualified to judge everyone” Coffee Mug

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What else is their degree in physics good for?

“My area of expertise is string theory” Cat Themed ¾ Sleeve Shirt

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For the physics teacher that is also a cat lover, this shirt is just awesome.

“Never trust an atom, they make up everything” Glass

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Atoms make up everything, which means they can’t tell the truth!

“Obey gravity, it’s the law” Travel Mug

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You can’t help but obey gravity, because it’s the law of the land.

Stephen Hawkings Poster

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If Stephen Hawkings is one of your physics teacher’s idols, they need a poster of him to hang up in their classroom or at home.

“Dinner is on the table” Table of Elements Glass Casserole Dish

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Dinner is literally on the periodic table with this glass casserole with the table of contents on the bottom of it.

These fun gifts for your physics teacher will bring a smile to their face, whatever the occasion.

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