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20 Father’s Day Gifts for My Son

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Your son is now a father himself, and you need a little help to find the right gift for him. Whether this is an unprecedented event and it’s his first Father’s Day, or he’s been a father for years, these gifts are great choices either way. It is a special occasion, no matter what, when your son is celebrating Father’s Day as a father. What an honor that is!

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Father’s Day Gifts for My Son

Father's Day is Just Around the Corner!
Top Fathers Day Gifts At HomeWetBar This is a great place to find unique Gifts that will make him smile!
Engraved Whiskey Decanter

“Father, husband, protector, hero” Shirt

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Your son is now a father and husband, which means that he is protector and hero to them.

“Dad’s greatest catch” Keychain With Personalized Fish Charms on a Hook

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Put his kids’ names and birthdays on the fish charms on this “Dad’s greatest catch” keychain to celebrate each one of his kids.

Custom Paracord Footprint Bracelet for Two Children

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If your son has two kiddos, then this is one of the most perfect gifts for for him, with a place for each of their footprints.

Personalized Photo Artwork of Dad and Child

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This unique personalized photo artwork of dad and child will be his absolute favorite gift!

Matching “Pint” and “½ Pint” Shirts

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For him and the kiddo, these matching shirts will be great when they go out together for a father/child outing.

Super Sized Superhero Marvel Lego Figure Personalized Frame

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He is his kids’ hero and this super sized superhero Marvel Lego figure personalized frame tells him all the ways he is one.

“#dadlife” Coffee Mug

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Dad life is the best life!

Personalized Box of BBQ Rubs

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These BBQ rubs will come in handy the next time your son holds a barbeque at his house.

Game of Thrones Wooden Kitchen Spoons

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If your son loves the Game of Thrones and cooking, he will love these GOT wooden kitchen spoons to make it all more fun.

Rouxbe Online Cooking Course

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If your son is into cooking for his family, a Rouxbe online cooking course might be just the thing. These self-paced courses are available on a variety of topics, or a membership model, and make an excellent gift. He will learn SO much and make delicious eats while he’s at it. Click here to read a full review of Rouxbe.

“I’m a daddy, what’s your superpower” Keychain with Personalized Batman Charms with Kids Names

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Being a dad is a superpower in its own, and even more so when he is Batman!

Sandalwood Series Wooden Watch

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This sandalwood series wooden watch will soon become his favorite watch to wear.

Solid Chocolate Game Controller

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A yummy, solid chocolate game controller for the gamer dad!

“Sawdust is man glitter” Shirt

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If your son is constantly covered in sawdust, he is wearing man glitter!

Retro Grill Design “Grill Master _____” Apron

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Give your son this personalized “Grill master” apron because he is the grill master.

Personalized Black YETI Colster Rambler

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A personalized black YETI colster rambler is great for keeping his beer cans or long necks cold for longer.

“Ask me about my dad jokes” Coffee Mug

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If he has good, or even bad, dad jokes, he needs this coffee mug.

500 Great Things About Being a Dad by Steve Delsohn

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This book is great for a dad who needs a boost, maybe a few laughs. Being a dad can be a bit challenging sometimes, no matter how much support he has.

“Daddysaurus” Tank Top

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He is the “Daddysaurus” of his family and real good at it too.

“We interrupt this family for baseball season” Wooden Sign

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If he is an avid follower of baseball, he may have to “interrupt” his family to watch the games occasionally.

Morse Code Bracelet with Special Message

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Create a special message just for your son with a cool morse code bracelet this Father’s Day.

Your son’s Father’s Day is always special for both of you. Choosing the best gift for him is more about what is on your heart and mind.

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