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20 Father’s Day Gifts Under $5

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When money is tight, getting a gift for your dad on Father’s Day can be tough. All of the gifts here are under five bucks though, and are ones that will make him smile! Buying him a meaningful and thoughtful Father’s Day gift doesn’t have to break the bank this year.

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Father’s Day Gifts Under $5

Personalized Guitar Pick ($4)

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A personalized guitar pick is perfect for the guitar loving dad!

Fish Hook Keychain with Gunmetal Finish ($3.99)

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If he goes fishing often, then this fish hook keychain with a gunmetal finish is a great gift this Father’s Day.

Walking Dead Minifigures ($4.40)

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For the Walking Dead fan, these Walking Dead minifigures are each less than five dollars and can make a great collectible for your dad.

Willy Wonka Bar Wrapper and Golden Ticket ($4.75)

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When Willy Wonka is one of the movies you have watched together many times, a Willy Wonka bar wrapper with a golden ticket is a great way to share a memory and will give him a smile too.

Popcorn Seasoning Mix ($2.99)

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Some popcorn, a little popcorn seasoning mix, and a movie together would make your dad super happy this Father’s Day.

Drill Cookie Cutter ($3.25)

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If your dad is great with tools, this drill cookie cutter to make some drill shaped cookies will make him happy. Plus, everyone loves cookies!

Trout Fish Soap on a Rope ($4.99)

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Another fish gift for the fisherman father this year, is trout fish soap on a rope.

Personalized Grilling Spatula ($4.98)

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Fathers are good at grilling, and a personalized grilling spatula will make the perfect gift for him this Father’s Day.

“Who needs a superhero when you have dad” Digital File Art Print ($4.50)

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It’s true, who needs a superhero when you have a dad that keeps you safe? Print it up and print it, or turn it into a card.

Personalized Pocket Knife ($4.20)

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A pocket knife with his name on it, is just what he needs for Father’s Day.

“I was addicted to the hokey pokey, but I turned myself around” Refrigerator Magnet ($4.50)

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Your dad will appreciate a silly gift such as this one, it is sure to get everyone laughing.

Dad Definition Art Print ($3.32)

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What does dad mean to you? This art print would make an excellent present this year for Father’s Day, to keep him from forgetting how much he means to you.

Army Green and Black Survival Bracelet ($4.50)

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If your dad likes wearing men’s bracelets, this tough guy, army green and black survival bracelet makes for a simple and meaningful gift for him.

Personalized Leather Keychain ($4)

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This personalized leather keychain with their name on it may seem super simple but means a lot.

Father’s Day Checklist Card ($4.50)

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While this is more of a card than a gift, the checklist makes it fun and silly, more like a gift!

“Best dad ever” Wine Charm ($3)

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He is the best dad ever, and if he drinks wine on the regular, this wine charm will remind him of that pretty often.

Justice League Minifigures ($4.50)

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If he’s not into the Walking Dead, then a Justice League minifigure might be more fitting!

Lumberjack Man Bath Bomb ($3)

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Every manly man needs a lumberjack man bath bomb for the end of a long day.

Personalized Engraved Penny Keychain ($4.99)

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He has been a father since you and your siblings were born, a penny that has yours or your siblings’ birth year on it will make a great keychain and a touching gift.

Father’s Day can be budget-friendly and still be meaningful. These will all make great gifts for your dad, depending on what he likes and what you want to say with your gift.

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