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Easy DIY Advent Calendar For Kids

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This easy DIY advent calendar for kids will keep them busy and is so quick to make. Help your children create an advent calendar with very few supplies and minimal effort. Sounds like a win to me! Plus, the countdown to Christmas is always a magical time. Gather those crafting supplies and get to work making this kids advent calendar. 

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Easy DIY Advent Calendar For Kids

The thing about kids is that they don’t need some big and fancy advent calendar. That just costs you money and they won’t care any more than when they make their own. Plus, when they create it they appreciate it even more. 

How To Make A Christmas Advent Calendar

Making this DIY advent calendar is SO easy and you probably have the supplies you need in your craft room already. First, gather your supplies and you will be ready to go. 

Supplies needed:


1. Begin by folding the piece of Christmas scrapbook paper in half. Cut out a tree, free handing the design as you go. When you unfold the paper, you will have a symmetrical tree.

2. Flatten out the tree. Use the black marker to create 25 small circles on the tree. Space them evenly as you create them.

3. Write the numbers 1-25 in the circles. These will represent the 25 days leading up to Christmas.

4. Assemble the pom pons in a dish by the tree. Hang the tree up wherever you please. You can tape it to a wall, pin it to a cork board, or hang it on the fridge.

5. Add a dab of glue to one pom and press it to the tree each day. Start with number 1 if you wish to count up to the 25th day, or start at 25 if you want to count down the days.

6. Let kids glue a pom on each day until Christmas Day, which is when the tree will be filled.

7. Display the tree once full.

Optional Ideas For Christmas Advent Calendar

You can follow this tutorial exactly and it will turn out fantastic. Sometimes we like to add a little bit of extra design to ours. Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Use sparkly pom poms. Using sparkles are so fun and they look like actual Christmas lights! So much fun!
  • Instead of handwriting the numbers, you can type and print the numbers and cut them out and glue them on too. This will give it more of a stylish and professional look. 
  • You could put the tree cutout in a glass picture frame. Instead of pom poms, the kids can color in the circles with numbers. 



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