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20 Funny Police Gifts

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Laughter is the best medicine, and we could all certainly use a little more humor in our lives. If you are gift shopping for police officer, you will definitely want to check out these 20 Funny Police Gifts.

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Off Duty Socks

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If you can read the bottom of these socks, clearly this officer is off the clock.

“I Love Big Busts and I Cannot Lie” Pillow

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This pillow is a humorous addition to the home of a police officer.

Donuts Insulated Travel Mug

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What’s a funny police gift without a donut reference?

“Feel Safe at Night, Sleep With a Cop” T-shirt

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The officer in your life is sure to chuckle once they read the print on this tee.

Donut and Sprinkles Money Clip

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Let a police officer know how much you respect their love of donuts with this Money Clip.

“Instant Police Officer, Just Add Coffee” Mug

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There’s nothing like starting the day with a good laugh and a good cup of coffee.

“World’s Okayest Police Officer’ T-Shirt

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It’s okay. We can’t all be the World’s Greatest.

South Park Police Department I.D Card

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Do you know a police officer who is also a fan of South Park? If so, they could definitely appreciate this gift.

Donut Police Patch

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This patch is sure to make any officer laugh at the totally cliche donut reference.

Edgar Allen Poe-Poe Coffee Mug

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If you know an officer that is a fan of Edgar Allen Poe or a huge literature fanatic, they will definitely understand why this coffee mug is so hilarious.

“I Became a Police Officer for the Money and Fame” Travel Mug

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This travel mug will not only make the recipient laugh, but their fellow officers are sure to get a kick out of it as well.

“Police Navidad” T-Shirt

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This shirt is especially appropriate around the Christmas holiday.

“Cop Magnet” Donut Bumper Sticker

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Police officers will definitely burst into laughter once they open this gift.

Donut Baseball Cap

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The recipient of this gift will make many people laugh while wearing this Baseball Cap.

“This is How I Roll” Phone Ring

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This Multifunctional Phone Ring is not only humorous, but super useful as well.

“Warning: Retired Cop With an Attitude” Mouse Pad

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Looking for a gift idea for a retired officer? This Mouse Pad is a funny option.

“Police Chief Parking Only” Funny Poster

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Hook a Police Chief up with this funny poster to use at home.

“A Cop Pulled Me Over…” Humorous Coffee Mug

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This is a Police-themed Gift that could make anyone laugh.

The Police T-Shirt

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If you have a police officer who you are close with, this t-shirt would make the perfect joke gift.

“STOP! You’re Under a Rest” Stainless Steel Flask

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This flask makes a great gift on its own, but the funny print on it makes it even better.

Law enforcement is serious business, and it can get quite stressful. Police officers will definitely appreciate the lightheartedness of these silly gifts.

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