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20 Gift Ideas for Florists

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After spending several years working for a full service event planning and decor company, I have come to learn a thing or two about being a florist. Not only did I work alongside many florists, but I have purchased quite a few gifts for them as well. Here are 20 Gift Ideas for Florists that’ll be sure to please.


Gift Ideas for Florists

The Flower Recipe Book

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Florists can always use fresh ideas for floral arrangements. A recipe book can break down some new designs to recreate.

Rose Stem Stripper Glove

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I had to learn the hard way how much blood a rose can draw from one’s fingertips. A rose stem Stripper glove makes cleaning those stems a lot less painful.

Floral Arrangement Tool Kit

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Being a florist requires a few essential tools that often need to be replaced. A floral arrangement tool kit is a great way to help a florist stock up on supplies.

Floral Card Holders

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A florist should always be well-stocked with floral card holders. Once that beautiful arrangement is designed, many times the card placed inside is the finishing touch.

Flower Wrapping Paper

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Especially for those florists working in cooler climates, it is essential to have a large supply of floral wrapping paper available.

Assorted Ribbons

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Believe it or not, florists can go through quite a bit of ribbon as they prepare arrangements for their customers. A gift of assorted ribbons would be very worthwhile.

Thorn Stripper

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As I mentioned earlier, removing thorns can be quite rough on the hands without the proper equipment. A thorn Stripper makes the job a lot less painful.

Flower Spray Dyes

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I always really enjoyed spray painting floral arrangements; it just opens up the door to so many colorful possibilities.

Floral Arrangement Design Bowls

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Every florist should have a supply of design Bowls on hand. Design Bowls are used all the time when creating floral arrangements to be used as centerpieces.

Corsage wristband

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Florists can spend quite a bit of time making corsages for weddings and proms. A set of quality wristbands could certainly make a florist’s day.

Floral water tubes

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Water tubes are essential to the process of preserving flowers. Help a florist stock up on water tubes by gifting a set.

Walk-in greenhouse

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For the florist that really loves gardening and creating their own masterpieces at home, a walk-in greenhouse would be a dream come true.

Mason Jar Tray Centerpiece

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Sometimes florists want to use their skills to beautify their own surroundings. A cute mason jar tray would make the perfect base for a lovely floral arrangement centerpiece.

Floral artwork

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For the florist that loves flowers but doesn’t care to add anymore live flowers to their home, some floral artwork would be a great substitute.

3D Floral Pop Up Card

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A greeting card can be a simple yet, very thoughtful, gift. A 3D floral pop up card is a unique and entirely appropriate card to gift to a florist.

Flower bracelet

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A cute flower bracelet is a great piece of jewelry for a passionate florist.

Unique succulent pot

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For the florist who loves to decorate their home with plants and flowers, this unique succulent pot would make a great gift.

Floral welcome mat

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What better way for a florist to indulge in their love of flowers than to be welcomed by a floral mat every time they come home.

Hand Moisturizer

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I got to see firsthand how dry florists’ hands can get as they work with flowers and water all day. A quality hand moisturizer would be greatly appreciated.

Gardening Tool Bag

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With all of the tools florists have to use on a daily basis, it is nice to have something to store and carry them in.

Gift shopping for a florist can really be a lot of fun. From essential tools to fun flower themed products, I am sure this list will help you select that perfect gift for the florist in your life.

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