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20 Mario Gifts That Will Make You a Star

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Probably the most iconic video game character, Mario is one of those unique franchises that appeals to adults as well as kids. Whether you’re a nostalgic adult, a young newcomer, or just a fan of the games there’s so much out there for you.

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These Mario gifts will dazzle fans of all ages.

Switch Cartridge Holder

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This is a great idea for those games who don’t like to keep their games on the shelf for aesthetic reasons but still want to have them handy. Little Switch cartridges won’t get lost if they’re safely held inside this question mark block.

World of Nintendo Toys

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Kids will enjoying playing with these playsets and adults can put them on display. The World of Nintendo line is really high quality, too.

Lakitu Night Light

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For the nursery, a kid’s bedroom, or your gaming room. Lakitu keeps everyone safe and sound and now he can watch over your house too.

Boo Planter/Pencil Holder

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If you’re gifting to an adult you can add a succulent at check out when picking up this adorable Boo planter. Kids, on the other hand, can use them to hold pencils or other small treasures.

Mario Game

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Play it as a family! This Mario game has some unique rules and has players moving their pieces on a cool multi-level game board.

Mario Switch Dock

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Dress up your Nintendo switch dock with a Mario Odyssey ship. Looks way nicer than the boring old black dock the console comes with and there’s even a place to display an Amiibo.

Mario Coins

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These are a fun little trinket that Mario fans will love. Great for kids to include in their pretend play and adults can use them as part of a bigger Mario display.

Mario Hat

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Depending on their interests you can either go for a classic Mario hat or something like Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey. Or maybe they want to be Luigi!

Mario Uno

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Uno is a great all-ages game because it has simple rules and is quick to play. Adding a Mario theme to it makes it extra fun and kids and adults can spend time together away from a screen.

Mario Puzzle Cube

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Sort of like a Rubik’s cube but with Mario themed pictures on the side. A fun little brain teaser for when you’re bored and don’t have a handheld game with you.

Mario Shadow Box

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A cool shelf and perfect addition to gaming room or kid’s Mario themed bedroom. The lucky block in the middle opens up to hide secret items and the side shelves are painted to look like regular Mario blocks.

Tiny Mario Tattoos

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These make a great gift on their own, a cute addition to another gift, or even stashed inside a card. They’re tiny temporary tattoos of pixelated Mario items!

Mario Cookies

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Who doesn’t want some delicious treats? Bake up some Mario themed cookies and give those as a gift, or just give away the cookie cutter so they can make their own.

Luma Plush

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Stars are essential to Mario but these ones are Luma stars that princess Roselina has. It’s a cute gift idea for someone who already has everything.

Mario 3 Perler Bucket

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Relieve those Mario 3 days by making your very own Mario scenes. This bucket has templates and specially colored beads to make perfect themed creations.

Standing Mario Mushroom

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Give your decor a “boost” with this Mario mushroom. It’s free standing so it would look great on a shelf or desk.

Mario Keychain/Badge Holder

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Kids seem to just like collecting these and they’re also great to take to cons. As an adult, I actually use a lanyard to make my keys easier to spot.

Mario Star Tree Topper

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This would make a really unique Christmas gift! A fun “Mario” take on tradition.

Super Mario Encyclopedia

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Everything you need to know about Mario all packed into one great book. It has some insider information on the development of the series as well as gameplay tips. Best of all, it’s official!

Chain Chomp

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This fibreglass Mario inspired gift is definitely going to level up your relationship. Be a hero, just like Mario, and give the coolest handmade collectible as a gift.

Great job, super gift giver! Have fun dazzling Mario fans with these gift ideas.

Sorry, your gift recipient is another castle.

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