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Easy DIY Valentine Advent Calendar

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a countdown to the big day! This easy DIY Valentine Advent Calendar makes it even more enjoyable. Whether you are a teacher and want something fun for students or are looking for something unique to use at home, this idea is sure to be a hit. Any kind of countdown is going to keep the attention of kids and teens. Plus, it helps provide them with the concept of time too. 

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Easy DIY Valentine Advent Calendar

It doesn’t take a lot of work or time to make an advent calendar. Plus, you just need some basic supplies and everyone will go crazy for this project. 

Items Needed For A DIY Valentine Advent Calendar

Thankfully, you just need some simple supplies and may have several of them on hand already. Take a peek at what you need to get started. 

How To Make A Valentine Advent Calendar

After you make this valentine’s advent calendar, you are going to love that you did! It’s a blast to open each day and see what treat is in there. 

First Step:  Begin with using the glue gun. Cover the box using the black construction paper. Make sure to cover all of it so you don’t see the box. 


Second Step: Cut your pink and red construction paper to fit over your toilet paper rolls.

Third Step: Glue the pink and red construction paper over your toilet paper rolls (you should have 7 pink and 7 red rolls)



Fourth Step: Add the numbers 1-14 to the hearts. 

Fifth Step: Stick the hearts on their designated colored toilet paper rolls (ie. red hearts on pink rolls and purple hearts on red rolls)


Sixth Step: Fold one end of a roll, fill the tube with a treat/surprise and fold the other end. Continue by filling and closing all rolls.

Seventh Step: On day 14 add a special note asking the person to be your Valentine. Maybe also invite them to a cute date.


Eighth Step: Glue all rolls to your box and you’re ready to surprise your Valentine with their amazing advent calendar.

What Kinds Of Things Should I Put In The Valentine Advent Calendar?

You can really put all sorts of things in the advent calendar. Here are a few ideas that would be fantastic:

Can I Make These Advent Calendars For Other Holidays? 

Yes, that is a fabulous idea! You can seriously make an advent calendar for just about any reason you can think of. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween or just about any other holiday you can think of. 


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