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20 Gift Ideas for a 4-H Leader

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Your local 4-H leader is a hard worker, putting together meetings and helping the kids get their crafts and other projects done. They deserve a nice gift of appreciation. These ideas will be a great start for them!

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Gift Ideas for a 4-H Leader

“Coffee is my spirit animal” Coffee Mug

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This mug is a great gift for your 4-H coffee loving leader. They deal with animals quite a bit yet need a lot of coffee to get through the day sometimes.

Life is Good Heart Denim Sports Hat

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Denim is in when you work with animals so often. This one has a pretty heart on it and will keep the sun out of your 4-H leader’s eyes while they work.

Denim Apron

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Another denim item for the 4-H leader who cooks a lot at home. It’s stylish and versatile as well!

Farmer’s Market Harvest Tote Bag

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For when your 4-H leader goes to the farmer’s market to pick up a bunch of fruits and veggies straight from the people who grow them, they can use this tote bag to carry them much easier!

“This girl loves her horse” Shirt

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Your 4-H leader may be a horse lover and this shirt says it all, they love their horse and they are proud to show it!

“Chickens are a Big Cluckin Deal” Coffee Mug

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Chickens are getting more and more common to have, even for those not living on farms. If your 4-H leader has chickens or raises chickens, get them this coffee mug to show that you like how their chickens mean so much to them.

Barn Sheep Throw Pillow Cover

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This barn sheep throw pillow cover is so adorable for your sheep-loving 4-H leader to place on their couch or wherever they want!

“Life is good, horses make it better” Bumper Sticker

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Horses are awesome. If your 4-H leader agrees, they will most definitely proudly place this bumper sticker on their truck!

Personalized Rooster Aluminum Water Bottle

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A rooster water bottle with their name on it too. They will especially enjoy drinking their water from this bottle because it’s fun and has a personal touch!

Untreated Non-GMO Heirloom Varieties of Vegetable Seeds

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To grow a vegetable garden, they would need a variety of vegetable seeds to plant. These ones are especially good since they’re non-GMO and untreated which makes them more natural!

Soy Wax Candle in Amber Jar

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A soy wax candle is a great idea to help keep some of the animal odors to a minimum in their house. Dealing with animals day in and day out is likely to carry over into their house as well and this will freshen up the air!

“There’s like a bunch of dogs in here” Welcome Mat

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Dog lovers who have two or more dogs would really enjoy this “There’s like a bunch of dogs in here” welcome mat to place on their porch!

Rustic Wood Dog Coasters

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These rustic wood coasters with dogs on them are a nice touch to your 4-H leader’s tables to protect them from water stains in a stylish manner!

Love Pigs Shirt

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For the 4-H leader who raises pigs, get them this “Love Pigs” shirt to wear and proudly show off what they do for a living.

“Going Showing” Cow Stocking Cap

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They can wear this stocking cap on cold mornings when they’re going showing. It’s so pretty and comes in a variety of colors too!

Stock Show Headband

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These stock show headbands come in various designs: the 4-H clover, pig, sheep, steer, meat goat, rabbit, chicken, and also some customized options as well.

“It’s all about that fluff” Cow Shirt

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A humorous cow shirt is such a nice gift for those who raise or care for cows, “It’s all about that fluff!”

“Barn Hair, Don’t Care” Cap

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When your 4-H leader simply doesn’t feel like making sure their hair is perfect, or doesn’t care about it, this “Barn hair, don’t care” cap is an excellent choice!

4-H Club Green Clover Necklace

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An extra symbolic gift for their hard work in the 4-H group and how much of an impact they have had!

“Yes, I really need all these horses” Coffee Mug

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When they have a lot of horses, get them this “Yes, I really need all these horses” mug to drink their coffee or tea from!

Any one of these gifts to show your appreciation for all the hard work your 4-H leader does would be an excellent choice!

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