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Gifts Ideas for a Human Resources Advisor

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Gifting in the office isn’t always that easy, but pleasing that Human Resources Advisor in your life doesn’t have to be so difficult. Send some warm feelings and a couple of laughs down to your friendly local HR department or human resources advisor this year with some of these gift ideas! (They’ll need it!)

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Clever and Thoughtful Gifts For a Human Resources Advisor

Tuck into your desk chair and pour yourself a cup of lukewarm, possibly stale coffee while you scroll through some hand picked Human Resources themed gift ideas!

Funny HR Print

“But, did you document it?” adorns this humorous print sure to resonate well with anyone in the HR field. This simple but heartwarming comedic print is a subtle way to connect to your Human Resources advisor.

Lumbar Support Black Mesh for Office Chairs Car Lower Back Pain

Office Desk Chair Lumbar Support

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This mesh chair support piece is just the right gift to help your Human Resources advisor decompress after a long day of dealing with their pleasant and cooperative coworkers. Help them kick back whether at home or in the office.

“Human Resources Manager” Decorative Street Sign

This eye-catching decorative piece resembles a street sign while letting everyone know who’s door is down the hall. Fly your applied psychological leadership development cohesion workshop specialist flag high with pride!

Knock Knock Office Citation Nifty Note, Checklist Memo Pad, 4 x 5.25-inches

Office Citation Notepad

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Gag gifts are the cornerstone of any productive, happy, and effective workplace. This ‘citation notepad’ takes the guesswork out of any HR related office quandary with a few simple and comedic fields for your coworkers to fill out in your absence. Anyone in HR will be head over heels for this humorous gift to place on their desk!

Mini Zen Garden kit for Desk - yin yang Crystal Sand Garden - with Zen rake Buddha Statue Healing Stones White Sand - Japanese Rock Garden Meditation Gift Set for Home Office Desktop Fidget Toys

Desktop Buddha Zen Garden

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This ornate miniature zen garden is exactly what that HR advisor you have in mind needs to center themselves during a busy day. Taking a moment to rake the sand might even help them find their inner peace, what better gift could you give?

Multiple Business Card Holder

A Human Resources Advisor wears many hats, and they should have the card holder to match. Their multifaceted, professionalized team-oriented approach to increasing office productivity need be represented by a menagerie of business cards. This attractive black wooden multi tiered card holder should make the ideal gift!

Desk Call Bell Ring for Service Great Fun Creative Novelty Gag Party Gift (Ring for a Coffee)

“Ring for Coffee” Novelty Bell

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We’ve all been there, wishing we could simply ring a bell to make coffee appear right in front of our eyes. Well now you can! Give your HR advisor the gift that keeps on giving, a magic coffee producing bell. (Results not guaranteed)

‘Dwight’ Wall Art

What other way is there to help someone in HR show off their office pride than with an instantly recognizable print featuring ‘Dwight’ from the hit show The Office? Resembling the type of people they’re probably used to dealing with, the eccentric and listless character is the perfect mascot for their office or cubicle!

PATHFINDERS Leonardo da Vinci Catapult kit stem Toy Science kit for Kids 3D Puzzle Fun Gift idea for Boys 9+ Educational Learning Resource for Kids 9+

Desktop Catapult

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Help your favorite HR department desk jockey wage war on Accounts Receivable with this miniature catapult! Regin rubber-band balls and cashews down upon your office foes and dissuade any nosey co workers from entering your territory with this catapult set.

HR Pin Collection

This pack of twenty Human Resource related pins make for the perfect stocking stuffers, gift exchange fodder, and surprise present. Let everyone in your HR department show off their office pride with these funny pins!

Milcraft Portable Empty Travel Bottle Keychain Hand Sanitizer Bottle Holder 3 Pack 1oz / 30ml Small Squeeze Bottle Refillable Containers for Toiletry Shampoo Lotion Soap (Black+Grey+Khaki)

Hand Sanitizer Holder

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An Human Resources Advisor never knows what challenges will await them in a day, commonly communicable illnesses shouldn’t be one of them. This hand-sanitizer desk holder keeps the nauseously fragrant antibacterial liquid at arm’s reach for any occasion.

BigMouth Inc. The Complaint Department Sign, Funny Joke Decor for Your Work Desk or Office, Gag Gift & Prank for Your Coworker

Joke Complaint Department Sign

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Suitable for office walls and cubicle dividers, this ‘take a number’ tag attached to a mockup hand-grenade will help your favorite HR advisor express their disdain for anyone audacious enough to lean into their cubicle and rattle off office complaints.

Joke Human Resources Mug

Everyone knows the best mugs tell the truth; that’s why this ceramic-coffee-delivery-system expresses the thought on every HR advisor’s mind.

Human Resources Kit For Dummies

Human Resources Kit For Dummies

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Whether or not this becomes a joke gift is dependant on who you’re giving it to. Either you’re telling your HR Advisor they’ve got some brushing up to do, or you’re trying to win a laugh with this For Dummies HR kit.

Human Resources Principal's Office

Funny Human Resources Christmas Ornament

This Christmas Tree ornament reads, “Human Resources, the principal’s office but for grown-ups”. Let your HR Department know you’re thinking about them this holiday season with this unique present.

The Office Space Kit

Office Space Gift Kit

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The well-know satirical comedy poking fun at office dredgery, Office Space comes to life in this pack of gags from the film itself! Anyone in your HR department is sure to recognize the iconic red stapler, and ‘jump to conclusions’ mat (which very well may come in handy in HR).

Luxxis paper weight Decision Maker for Men, Funny Decision Paperweight for Bosses day gifts, Executive Office Decision Maker

Funny Paperweight

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All paperweights should tell jokes. This one has a bunch of options to solve those difficult workplace dilemmas and is a great way to put a smile on any office worker’s face. With all of the silly clutter that adorns the desks of office drones everywhere, yours might as well make people laugh!

Gemmy The Official BS Button

Bull**** Red Button

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This electronic soundmaker helps you say what’s really on your mind, especially that of a Human Resources advisor. Surprise your favorite productivity solutions specialist with this humorous gag gift!

Karma Keepers Authentic Voodoo Doll Black Magick 3 Custom Black Skull Pins & 7 Regular Pins Karma Keepers

(Real?) Voodoo Doll

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Traditionally employed in a long lost form of black magic, this Voodoo Doll is exactly what every Human Resources advisor should have at arms reach. Effectively a unique stress doll, give your HR department the gift of cathartic-curse-laying with this authentic gift!

Nope Desk Nameplate

As an HR advisor, you can expect to have hordes of people lining up to stomp into your office for any manner of probably miniscule office hardships. This desk plaque is perfect for when your favorite HR advisor hits their boiling point, simply place it on their desk to send walking problems on their way.

Human Resource professionals meticulously direct the offices of tomorrow, benefitting productivity and employee satisfaction along the way. Show them you care with this collection of unique gift ideas!

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