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20 Gift Ideas for a Ballet Dancer

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Ballet dancers know what they need and what they don’t need, so it can be hard to find them the right gift when the occasion comes up. From an ex-dancer herself, here is a list of twenty items any dancer you know will love. We also have fun gift ideas for a dance teacher

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“Dancers Turn Out Better” Shirt

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This dance pun shirt will definitely be a rehearsal favorite for any dancer!

Pointe Shoe Wall Print

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This present is perfect for the dance studio owner in your life or just someone who loves the art of the pointe shoe!

Pointe Shoe Ring

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For the dancer who wants to let everyone know they dance…or for the younger dancer in your life! This adorable pointe shoe rings is a great keep sake for any dancer! 

The Art of Movement

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This beautiful book is perfect for not only any dancer but any artist in your life as well! Pages and pages of beautiful movement photos.

Dance Spirit Candles

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Candles that melt away to reveal a beautiful dancer sculpture? What could be better!

Whole Foods Gift Card

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Preparing a lunch for a long day of rehearsal can be hard, and what’s healthier than Whole Foods? The dancer is your life will appreciate this for days to come.

Leg Warmers

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If you’re living in a cold area, as a dancer leg warmers are your savior. These are even better because they cover your whole leg!

Merde pillow

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“Merde” is French for sh*t making it the dancing world’s version of “Break a leg.” Anyone who dances classically will definitely love this pillow. 

Dance Wall Sculpture

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Dancing home decorations bring life to any space. What could be better than this wall sculpture?

Colorful Dancer Painting

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A beautiful color painting of dancers that can be hung anywhere and bring life to the room.

Ballet Stretch Band

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There is a good chance your dancer has used these before, but its always good to have a few different thicknesses and these stretching bands in your dance bag!

Dance and Coffee Shirt

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Dancers need coffee to even think about getting out and dancing. Combine the two on a t-shirt and you have a perfect gift!

Dance Teacher Candle

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Perfect for your dance teacher or someone who used to teach dance! Teacher are the main influence for a lot of dancers lives.

Arabesque Varient Sweater

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This sweater is perfect for covering up while rehearsing in a theatre or running to lunch in between rehearsals!

High Quality Dance Bag

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Dance bags are a dancers purse/second home. Needless to say, having a high quality bag is essential and a money saver in the long run.

Make-Up Kit

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Keeping a make-up kit at the studio or in your dancer bag is never a bad idea…you never know when the day may come when you forget your makeup!

First-Aid Kit

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Dancing is infamous for giving dancers cuts, bruises and more. Especially if the dancer dances en pointe. Things like gauze and tape sure come in handy.


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Whether the dancer in your life is a company dancer or works job to job, a planner is essential to keep their life organized.

Energy Drink Packets

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Dance rehearsals can vary from 2 hours to 10 hours and that puts a strain on your bodies energy no matter how long you’ve been dancing. Throwing these energy drink packets into your purse on the run is perfect for a busy lifestyle.

Journal for Choreography

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This is definitely needed some a dancer that has multiple shows and combinations floating around in her/his head. Writing down choreography is a safe way to never forget it and easy to review.

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