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20 Promotion Gift Ideas for Your Wife

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Your wife has worked really hard to get where she is in her career. While she may not expect you to get her a gift for being promoted, it would be a nice gesture that she is sure to appreciate. Here are some lovely ideas that she will love:


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20 Promotion Gifts for Your Wife

Fred PUMPED UP High Heel Cell Phone Stand

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This classy high heel phone stand will allow your wife to watch her favorite shows when she’s taking a break from work, or to listen to music when she has time off.

Rechargable Book Light

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Your wife may need to read books and do research to put her best foot forward in her new promoted position, and this rechargable book light is the perfect thing to help her do that even when she doesn’t want to have a bright light on!

“Intelligence is Sexy” Coffee Mug

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Show your wife that you find her intelligence, passion, and drive sexy by getting her this coffee mug that spells it out! She will enjoy drinking her coffee from this mug each morning before she goes to work!

#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

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A highly recommended book for girlbosses who take their work seriously but want to have fun and to utilize their strengths while they do it.

Gold Desk Accessories Gold Pens, Personalized

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These personalized pens will make such a wonderful addition to your wife’s desk in her promoted position. You could even put her new job title on the pens to make them that much more special!

“Think Happy Stay Happy” Wall Art

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Remind your wife that she should be and stay happy, and to not stress out too much. Her new job may overwhelm her but this piece of wall art will help her to smile more often and feel more lighthearted.

Acevog Women’s Striped Summer A-Line Dress

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A nice new dress to wear into work to celebrate her new promoted position would be a nice present to give her, and this striped summer dress is the perfect mix of professional and comfort!

Sportneer Striped Hammock

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For the weekends or evenings when your wife isn’t working, get her this hammock to put out in the yard and soak up the fresh air and sunshine.

“Like a Boss” Shirt

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Your wife is a boss, whether she is a literal boss at her work or not, she is a boss for being promoted and for giving her all at work every day.

“This is probably wine” Coffee Mug

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Back to how overwhelming and stressful a new position can be, sometimes your wife will want wine to relax or wine to drink on the weekends. Even if she is drinking coffee, this is a funny joke for you two.

Personalized Women’s Wallet

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A new wallet is always welcomed and this one is beautiful, professional, and personalized with your wife’s initials. She will love it!

Monogrammed Bunny Slippers

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Bunny slippers for the evenings and weekends, to give them something to smile and be lighthearted about and release their stress in.

“You are amazing, remember that” Wine Glass

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Wine glasses are classy and fun, especially one that reminds your wife that she is amazing!

Legally Blonde DVD

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Elle is the picture of a woman going after her dreams, regardless of what stands in her way. Your wife is doing the same thing in pursuing promotions in her work.

Personalized Planner with Sleek Stripes

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A planner with her name on it, and with classy and sleek vertical stripes, will help your wife stay organized and on top of things in her new promoted position.

“She believed she could so she did” Bracelet

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This quote is everywhere nowadays, but it is the perfect way to remind your wife that she can do anything she sets her mind to. Plus, you can’t go wrong with jewelry!

The Proposal DVD

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Yet another movie with a powerhouse woman, not letting anything stand in the ways of her dreams. While it focuses more on keeping her in the country, she is a professional woman who worked hard to get where she was in her profession. Comedy is always a win to release tension and stress!

Dream Catcher for Her Car

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A dream catcher for her car rides to and from work, to remind her to keep going after her dreams and do her best at work.

Chocolate, Caramel, and Crunch Gift Basket

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Delicious goodies are always a good gift. This gift has a wide variety of chocolate, caramel, and crunchy goodness that your wife will surely enjoy.

The Boss Hat

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Like I mentioned above, your wife is a boss! She deserves this hat to wear casually when she’s not at work to remind her of what she is working towards.

Any one of these gifts would be a nice way to show your wife that you are proud of her and to remind her that she has worked super hard and that it is all worthwhile!

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