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20 Gift Ideas for a Deployment Farewell

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It’s hard to say goodbye when someone is deployed, for the one being deployed, their significant other, and the children. Gifts can ease the pain a little bit or bring some brightness to the situation. Here are some ideas…

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Gift Ideas for a Deployment Farewell

“I’ll be back” and “I’ll be waiting” Matching Keychains

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These keychains are perfect for any member of the family. Either way, the one being deployed and the one waiting for them to return can use these keychains as a reminder.

My Daddy Wears Combat Boots Picture Dog Tag

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For the children, get them this dog tag with a picture of their daddy or their daddy and themselves together to wear on a necklace. It will be a nice little reminder that their daddy is always there with them.

“Keep Calm and wait for him” and “Keep calm she’s waiting for you” Matching Dog Tags

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This set of matching dog tags is perfect for the couple to remember that you are each waiting to be together again.

A Kiss a Day While Daddy’s Away Jar

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Their dad can put a bunch of Hershey kisses in the jar, one for each day he is gone, or something else like a little note to tell them how much he loves and misses them.

Love Knows No Distance Leather Notebook

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You or your loved one being deployed can keep a “Love knows no distance” journal, write notes to each other, or write stories about what happens while you are apart so you can catch up when they return.

Here’s What I Love About You Fill-in Cards for Friendships and Romance

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What I love about you fill-in cards are adorable ways for your loved one who is deploying to send you notes back.

Deployment Prayer Prints

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Print up these deployment prayers, one copy of each for each of you. Keep them close by and remember to pray for each other.

Daddy, You’re My Superhero Print

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Your children can remind their dad that he is their superhero, for being their dad and fighting for the country.

Fighting for Freedom: A Salute to the Troops with John Wayne

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This magazine can be something your deployed loved one can read whenever he has some downtime and needs something quiet to do.

Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul Book

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Another piece of reading material for your deployed loved one. The Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul book will give them the inspiration and peace that they need when they have some downtime to read

Military Care Packages Brag Book

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A brag book is always good to have, to show off pictures of their spouse and children to their buddies, or to look at when they start missing you!

Itty Bittys Blue Camo Stuffed Person

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A little stuffed person wearing a camo outfit for your little one to keep close and remind them that their parent is always in their hearts even when they are deployed.

Camo 4×6 Photobook

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Another choice for sending pictures with your deployed loved one or for you all as a family to put together pictures to look at while they are gone.

You and Me Puzzle Piece Keychains

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Two puzzle pieces to remind you both that you are a part of each other, even while you are apart!

United States Flag Stationery

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Send some United States flag stationery with your loved one so that they can write and send you letters while they are deployed.

We Got This Necklace Pair

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“We got this” necklaces. You can each wear one and look at it from time to time, to remember that you will survive this deployment and be together again.

Kirkland Signature European Cookies with Belgian Chocolate

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Yum! Tasty goodies to eat! Your soldier is sure to enjoy these at some point in the deployment, so send them along with him!

Loyal and True, So Proud of You Print

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Remind your loved one that you are proud of them, because they are loyal and true as they defend our country!

Open When Letters, Set of 15

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This set of open when letters can be pre-written to send along with your loved one and they can open them when they miss you, when they feel down, or at certain points along their deployment.

“Happy” White Tee Shirt

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A “Happy” white tee shirt to wear under their fatigues, to remind them that they are doing well and maybe help them feel happier just by looking at it!

So many ideas, it is hard to pick just one! Most of these are for the one being deployed or them and their significant other, but there are many that can be given to the kiddos too. Nice gifts tend to take the sting out of bad situations and these are all excellent ideas!

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