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Gifts for Military Dads that Will Make them Feel Loved

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Dads are love. They often get sidestepped because of their tough-love, especially if they are military. Despite their tough outer shell, they are always warm and gooey with love for their kids on the inside. We learn heaps from them, especially how to take on the harsh world outside. You must tell them that you love them frequently but a nice gift on their special day will mean the world to them. These are some heartwarming gifts for military dads that will make them feel loved. 

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Have a look at this mix of practical and military gifts for dads that will make their day: 

Best Gifts For Military Dads


Grill Utensil Tools Set

Grill utensil set gift idea for dads

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All Dads love to grill. Well most of them anyway. And if your dad is one of the barbeque lovers he is going to love this grill utensil set. With an impressive 19 different items, these are encased in a sturdy aluminum box. Perfect for on the go or your topical backyard party. One thing is for sure, you can’t go wrong with this gift.

Vet Bod – Tee Shirt

vet bod like a dad bod funny military dad shirt

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Why so serious? Gift this funny tee to your dad and share a laugh with him. He has spent his life in the military and it sometimes takes a toll on health. This is just a way to make him laugh and remember the fun old days in the service. A clever pun and patriotic theme are always welcomed by a Veteran.

Massage Recliner and Ottoman

reclining massage chair dad gift idea

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Time to get your dad to sit back and relax. He has provided for his family all his life and even put his life at risk in the military. Now it’s your turn to appreciate him and gift him this sweet massage recliner. Complete with eight massage motors and plush cushioning, he is going to have the time of his life. 

Original BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass

bullet rocks tumbler bar glass gift for dad

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Military themed gifts are usually great conversation starters and this one falls in that category. Made in the USA, this glass honors your dad’s military service and adding to his pride. Oh, and he can have a decent scotch in this and look badass while doing so.

Thank You Engraved Wood Handle Steel Hammer

engraved hammer thank you gift for dads

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Dads are usually the first ones to help you gain confidence in the outside world. They teach you sport, real-life skills and much more. This hammer is symbolic of their role in your life and the inscribed saying is not an exaggeration by any means. Gift them this unique piece of hardware and show them, how much you love them.

Personalized Decanter & Scotch Glasses set

personalized decanter set gift idea for military dads

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A personalized gift always trumps other gifts because of the thought and effort you put in. The look on your dad’s face will be priceless when he sees a personalized military decanter set with his name. Top-notch quality glass and expert craftsmanship makes this one a must-have gift for Dads.

Maui Jim Byron Bay Wrap Sunglasses

Jim Byron sunglasses gift

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If your dad needs to get his coolness vibe up, these Maui sunglasses are just perfect. Customers vouch for its light frames and optimum UV protection with clarity. Their sturdy yet classic design means that whether he goes running outdoors or wears these to a party, he will look amazing.  

Fossil Leather Chronograph Quartz Watch

Fossil leather quartz mens watch brown band

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Time to add this gem to your dad’s watch collection. In today’s digital world, most dads still prefer reliable analog watches. Fossil is a renowned brand with stunning designs and a solid life. It’s soft leather and blue dial combination will look elegant on your dad’s wrist. Don’t wait up!

Bose True Wireless Earbuds

bose wireless earbuds gift idea for military dads

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Does your old man love his music collection? Give him a reason to make it digital and go on a run with these smooth and powerful earbuds. Their true wireless tech makes their sound unreal and he can power through even the toughest workouts with these buds due to them being sweat and weather resistant. Does he love to go on long walks or in the outdoors? No problem; the 5 hour playback time is more than enough to keep him entertained throughout. Even if he loses them, he can easily find them with the “find my buds” feature. Grab em while you can. 

Outdoor EDC Survival Kit

Outdoor edc survival kit

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Getting tired of gifting any random coffee mug for your dad’s special day? This outdoor survival kit is going to bring a wide smile to his face. Packed with 12 of the most useful outdoor EDC gear, he is going to be over the moon seeing this survival kit. Its effective, useful, and practical for any outdoor expedition like camping, fishing, or hiking. He can even keep this handy kit in his car to meet any unexpected emergency situations. Gift him this kit to make sure he stays safe wherever he goes.

YETI Rambler Mug

Yeti rambler gift idea for dads

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YETI is a name synonymous with quality outdoor gear. These guys know their stuff and when they say this is the toughest and most over-engineered cup out there, they are not kidding. The mug will last forever as its outer coat doesn’t peel, scratch, or fade. Buyers swear by its double insulated wall saying that it keeps the contents hot or cold for hours! This mug is perfect for home, outdoor, or travel usage and your dad will love it.

Danbury Mint Personalized Men’s Military Ring

Commemorative gold military eagle seal flag gift for dad

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This one will bring tears to his eyes. While he has left the military for some time now, he still cherishes his time spent among his brothers. This beautiful ring is a perfect homage to him and his service as the service emblem is surrounded by 12 genuine diamonds which symbolizes eternal vigilance. Danbury mint goes a step further by inscribing your hero father’s name on the ring to truly give it a family heirloom status.

RAK Magnetic Wristband

magnetic wristband for screws fasteners

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So your dad is a DIY guy with his workshop and everything. Gift him this magnetic wristband that comes with 10 powerful magnets that can hold spare nuts, bolts, or anything magnetic. This is truly something your dad secretly wished for but never know existed. There will be no more frustration while doing his hobby projects or making repairs around the house.  It’s like a magical third hand. All thanks to you.

Military Veterans Challenge Coin

Military veterans coin

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You may have seen your dad serve in the military while growing up not understanding what’s all the fuss about, until now. It takes guts, grit, and a strong sense of patriotism to put your life on the line for your country. While there are no material possessions that can thank these veterans for their service, your small gesture can mean a lot to him. Present him this beautiful challenge coin as a way of recognizing what he and other countrymen like him stood for.


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Wrapping It Up


I really hope these gifts for military dads above have got the cogs in your mind turning, after all, it’s about your sentiment and love that is going to make that gift special. If you have a better idea or a gift that you think should be on this list, let us know in the comments below.


James is a patriot and military brat. He is an avid reader, creator, and tinkerer. Growing up in a military family, he has seen the hard times our soldiers endure. He aspires to make it better by distributing happiness and love in this community. He has taken on the mission to spread the joy of gifting to our Military heroes & their families at his platform Giftasoldier, which he started in 2019.

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