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20 Gift Ideas for Baboon Lovers

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Baboons are a bit goofy looking, and while some may not take them very seriously, there are some people who especially love these special monkeys. Any one of the gifts listed below will make a nice gift for that special person in your life. Baboons can also be fun, so make sure that you have fun picking out just the right gift for their birthday or a holiday!

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Gift Ideas for Baboon Lovers

Baboon Shopping Bag

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Baboon shopping bags will come in handy on their next trip to the grocery store.

Wooden Baboon Brooch Pin

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A wooden baboon brooch pin may not go with every outfit, but it will sure look nice with whatever your baboon loving friend decides to wear it with.

Hot Air Baboon Coaster

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This hot air baboon coaster will look nice on their end or coffee table, to protect their tables from water rings and scratches!

Baboon Adult Coloring Pages

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Help them express their creativity on these baboon adult coloring pages.

Baboon Throw Pillow Case

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A baboon throw pillow case will make a nice addition to their sofa throw pillow and help them express their passions at the same time.

My Favorite Animal: Baboons by Victoria Marcos

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Whether they are a kid or an adult that loves baboons, they will truly enjoy learning more about baboons!

Baboons Mousepad

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If they spend a lot of time at the computer, they will find the baboons mousepad perfect for under their mouse.

Baboon Drawstring Backpack

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They can take anything along with them for an outing, errands, or a fun trip, with their new baboon drawstring backpack.

Baboon with Heart Decal

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Placed on their car, laptop, wall, or somewhere else, the baboon with heart decal will look exceptional wherever they decide to put it!

Baboon Lightswitch Cover

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Turning on, or off, the light will be much more enjoyable with a baboon lightswitch cover!

Baboon Cigarette Case or Metal Wallet

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Whether they smoke, or just need a more sturdier place to carry their cards and money, this metal baboon case will help them keep their valuables safe.

Baboons Garden Flag

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Spruce up their garden with a baboons garden flag that will get everyone’s attention.

Baboons Grooming Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

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The baboons grooming each other on this Samsung Galaxy S8 case will keep their phone safe and give them something pleasant to look at each time they look at their phone.

Baboon in a Tree Apple iPad 2, 3 & 4 Faux Leather Presenter Case

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The presenter case will help stand their iPad up while they do work or watch videos, and will be something they hold deer with the baboon in a tree on it.

Children’s Baboon Felt Mask

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Allow the baboon loving child in your life to pretend to be a baboon with this beautiful felt mask.

“This is my human costume, I’m really a baboon” T-Shirt

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This t-shirt is perfect for Halloween, or really, any other day! They are a baboon in a human costume every day of the year.

Cheeks the Baboon TY Beanie Baby

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Cheeks the Baboon TY beanie baby will be something they cherish forever if you give it to them for their special day!

“Got baboon?” Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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Got baboon? will remind them that there is more to life than just the mundane, everydayness they are dealing with.

Tribal Baboon Sticker

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They can place this tribal baboon sticker wherever they choose, and will enjoy looking at it each time it catches their eyes.

Baboon Pen Holder

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The baboon pen holder will be great for their desktop, or for the corner of their kitchen where their phone book and other writing tools are located, to keep everything more organized

Baboons are a bit goofy, and you may not understand why your loved one loves them so much, but the fact is that they do, and they will love a thoughtful gift.

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