20 Gift Ideas for Paraplegics | Gifts for People in Wheelchairs that Rock

20 Gift Ideas for Paraplegics

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If you know someone who has paralysis in their legs and lower body, then you might feel the urge to get them a gift now or for a special occasion. Brighten their day and get them something nice. Gift cards are great, and there are a few suggested here, but other things are nice to help them have smoother and more enjoyable days. It can be tough to have a disability, or other health issue, and getting a nice gift once in awhile is always a highlight!

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Gift Ideas for Paraplegics

Domino’s Pizza Gift Card

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For that loved one who just loves pizza, give them this gift card so that they can have pizza delivered once or twice and enjoy the tastiness!

Personalized Tumbler

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This personalized tumbler is a great tool for them to have on the table near them, to keep hydrated or enjoy a nice beverage once in awhile. Having your name on your cup makes it even more special, and they are sure to enjoy that as well.

Fleece Throw Blanket with Chevron Print

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A nice blanket to keep them warm and cozy as they watch a movie, or cuddle with a family member, is always a welcome gift!

Body Pillow

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Sometimes it is difficult to find a comfortable position when falling asleep, or just lounging, and this body pillow is a lovely gift for them to lean on or use as support! Make sure to pair it with a fun cover!

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard

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If they enjoy writing or surfing the net, this wireless keyboard will come in handy to make that so much easier. Who needs cords anyway?

Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion

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As they spend much of their days sitting, a good memory foam lumbar cushion is great to give them that added support they need to keep their back healthy.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

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Give them the gift of reading with this Kindle paperwhite e-reader. Everything is digital these days, they can read all the books their heart desires from this wonderful device!

All Purpose Umbrella with Universal Clamp

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For those times that they spend riding to places, taking a stroll through the neighborhood, this umbrella that can clip onto their wheelchair is a great deal to help them stay cooler and in the shade.

God Will Use This For Good: Surviving the Mess of Life by Max Lucado, Kindle Book

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Great reading material is always useful. This one is encouraging and inspiring for them, to remind them that God has a purpose for everything.

Wheelchair Armrest Pouch/Bag

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Handy for all those things they need to keep close by and within reach while on the go, this wheelchair armrest pouch is great for keeping their wallet, water, phone, and much more safe and easy to grab.

“Bloom where you are planted” Wall Print

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Let’s face it, we all need some inspirational wall prints to adorn our walls with. This one is such a nice one, stating that we should bloom wherever we are instead of always pursuing the next best thing.

Amazon.com eGift Card

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This Amazon.com eGift card will allow them to do online shopping for things they need, buying gifts for others, and much more. Shopping is fun and those of us who love Amazon always love a gift card to do more shopping!

Hydration Pack

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A hydration pack to wear on their back or on the back of their wheelchair while they are on the go, can be super useful. It may be mainly for hikers and other sports, but it can be useful for them as they go about their day as well.

What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days: 52 Encouraging Truths to Hold on To by Holley Gerth

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A beautiful book to keep them encouraged and inspired to move forward each day, rather than feeling stuck. There is enough to read one a week for a year, if they chose to read it that way!

IHOP Gift Card

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This lovely gift card from IHOP is a way for them to take themselves or caregiver/loved one out for a meal.

“I’m the BOSS” Hat

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For that bossy, leader of the family, this “I’m the BOSS” hat is wonderful to wear to keep the sun out of their eyes and show others who is boss.

People Magazine Subscription, Kindle Edition

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Sometimes a little celebrity gossip goes a long way in giving us perspective and keeping us entertained. The People magazine subscription is definitely where it’s at, as they full of such stories!

Hair Washing Tray

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For washing hair in the sink with someone helping them, in turn helping them feel refreshed easier and more often.

Hulu Plus 6-Month Gift Card

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For that rare person who prefers Hulu over Netflix, or maybe in addition to it, this Hulu Plus gift card will set them up for six months straight.

Show your love and support to your loved one who has paralysis and get them a nice gift. Any one of these will show that you have taken the time to think about them and what they may like or need.

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