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20 Gift Ideas for Dentists That Will Make Them Smile - Unique Gifter

20 Gift Ideas for Dentists

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A thank you gift, or just a gift for a person in your life who means a lot and happens to be a dentist, either way, you want to choose the perfect one that says how much you appreciate them. The good news is that there are a lot of fun choices for gift ideas for dentists and others who are in the dental profession. Which one of these will the dentist in your life love the most? Make the dentist in your life feel special, with one of these unique and creative gift ideas below.

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Say “Aaaaaa”  

But Don’t Spit! 

Gift Ideas for Dentists

“Tooth fairy” Shirt

Gift Ideas for Dentists could include the tooth fairy!

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Dentists are a different kind of “tooth fairy,” yet complete a very important task for us each time we go.

Sweetest Dentist Cupcake in a Jar

Gift Ideas for Dentists can include sugar because they are experts at brushing their teeth, right?

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If the dentist in your life is the sweetest dentist, they definitely need a cupcake in a jar, after all, occasional treats won’t do too much damage, right?

“Keep calm and make beautiful smiles” Gold Foil Print

They really do make the most beautiful smiles so this Gift Ideas for Dentists is perfect.

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Everyday that they work, they work to make beautiful smiles even more beautiful!

“The original selfie stick” Coffee Mug

This Gift Ideas for Dentists is a funny one.

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Their mirror instrument was the original selfie stick, back in the day!

Tooth Fairy Key Fob

This Gift Ideas for Dentists is a for an absent minded dentist.

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Every tooth fairy or dentist needs a key fob to keep their keys easy and fun to use.

Dental Tools and Teeth Sneakers

Fun shoes are cute for Gift Ideas for Dentists.

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Fancy dental tools and teeth sneakers will soon become their favorite piece of their wardrobe, plus they look super comfortable too!

Personalized Tie Bar with Tooth

This Gift Ideas for Dentists will have em looking snazzy during all their meetings!

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A personalized tie bar for your favorite dentist on those occasions when they have to wear a tie.

Toothbrush Necklace

They'll think of you every time they put this Gift Ideas for Dentists on.

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For a dentist, toothbrushes are important, important enough to wear on a necklace!

“I hope you understand the cavity of the situation” Coffee Mug

Gift Ideas for Dentists include punny ones like this.

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Instead of understanding the gravity of a situation, a dentist wants you to understand the cavity of the situation, and that’s the tooth!

Dental Tools Wall Art

Gift Ideas for Dentists include cute pieces of art for their office.

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Dental tools wall art will look great on the wall of their home, office, or even the exam rooms.

“Dentists need shots too” Personalized Shot Glass

Gift Ideas for Dentists include anything alcohol related.

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Dentists need shots too, but they are definitely a different kind of shot.

“Brush floss smile” Keychain

This Gift Ideas for Dentists will make them smile every time they turn the keys.

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Brushing their teeth, flossing, and smiling, is all a part of their job as a dentist.

“Drill, fill, bill” Coffee Mug

They gotta keep the lights on so this Gift Ideas for Dentists reminds them to get back to business.

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The usual process of their job: drilling teeth, filling teeth, and billing patients. This mug is more to be funny than to be serious, and your favorite dentist will love drinking their coffee from it each morning.

Tooth Necklace

A little statement jewelry is perfect for Gift Ideas for Dentists.

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I don’t know about you, but I think every dentist needs a tooth necklace to wear for special occasions!

Personalized Tooth Wine Glass

After a long day at the office, this Gift Ideas for Dentists is just what they ordered.

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Long days at work filling and pulling teeth usually end with a personalized tooth wine glass full of wine. Speaking of wine, we have more gifts for wine lovers here

Toothpaste Tube Earrings

This Gift Ideas for Dentists will definitely make their patients laugh.

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These toothpaste tube earrings will look great on their own, or matched up with the toothbrush necklace above.

“The best dentists have beards” Shirt

If they have a beard, this Gift Ideas for Dentists is a great one.

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If your favorite dentist has a beard, this shirt is for them.

Personalized Floral Tooth Design Cutting Board

This Gift Ideas for Dentists would be cute if they love to cook.

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While teeth may not be the most beautiful thing, especially if they are seeing them everyday at work, this personalized floral tooth design cutting board is beautiful and will make a nice addition to their kitchen tools. While you’re at it, check out these cute DIY towels for the kitchen too! 

Smile Scarf

This Gift Ideas for Dentists will have people remembering to smile, there's a dentist around!

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Whether they wear it to work or to another type of event, this smile scarf will get smiles and giggles, which is always the goal!

“Toothbrush Rex” Dinosaur Wall Art

This Gift Ideas for Dentists would be perfect if the dentist in your life works with kids.

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Fun for the dentist who loves t-rexes or dinosaurs in general, this print will be one of their proudest pieces.

A gift for a dentist should be fun and worth a giggle, and most of these fit the bill!

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