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20 Gift Ideas for Florida Retirees

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If there is anyone in your life that is looking to retire to Florida, you might want to give them a retirement or going away gift! There are many options available that will be nice for their new life there and all they hope to accomplish. This is a big change and you surely want them to start on the right foot, while having fun there as well! Here are some lovely ideas that will help you get started:

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Gift Ideas for Florida Retirees

Personalized Travel Journal

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When they travel down to Florida, or come back to visit, they will really enjoy keeping track of their travels with this personalized travel journal. They can document the places they stop, visit, or explore and make an adventure out of it!

Wine Storage Cabinet and Bar

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For their new place, they certainly need a wine storage cabinet and bar. They can store their wine and make or pour drinks on top if they have a party!

Pop-Up Tent Canopy

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Florida is full of sunshine, which means they need a place to find shade outdoors so they can enjoy the weather when it’s nice. This pop-up tent canopy is a great way for them to enjoy the outdoors without getting scorched, whether it’s just them or they have friends over.

Yukon Glory 3-piece Mini BBQ Grill Baskets

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Since they will be spending more time outdoors, they need a way to cook meals outdoors as well. These mini BBQ grill baskets are great for vegetables and meats to cook up dinners quickly while not sacrificing taste!

Lounge Patio Chairs

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Of course they need to have lounge chairs to lay and lounge on, on the beach, in their backyard, or wherever they want to enjoy the sunshine and nice weather!

Fine Mist Spray Bottle Fan

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For those warmer days, or the ones where they are getting baked in the sun, this spray bottle fan is a great addition to their gear to keep them cool!

Ivation Underwater Shockproof Digital Camera and Video Camera

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Florida is full of water activity, which means they will definitely need an underwater digital camera and video camera to capture memories and experiences as they enjoy the beach and water.

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2022 Book

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If they have a love for Disney, or need to explore Disney period, this guide to Disney World will be wonderful for them to flip through and use for a trip to the amusement park after they arrive in Florida!

Beach Tent Instant Sun Shelter

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All that time they spend on the beach, they need to be able to take a break from the sun here and there, while still enjoying the sights and sounds of the beach around them.

Fish & Shellfish Cookbook by Kate Whiteman

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There are a lot of fish and other seafood to enjoy near the coast in Florida, so a cookbook for these kinds of foods is necessary to help them enjoy what they eat even more.

Cafe Bustelo Coffee

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Cuban foods and coffee are popular in Florida, so why not send them off with Cuban coffee before they even arrive there? Then they can start enjoying it right away!

Beach Sunrise Canvas Painting

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Every Floridian needs a beach painting to hang on the wall inside their house, and this one is especially beautiful with the sun rising over the beach!

Lucky Bums Body Board

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A surfboard may or may not be a good idea, but this body board is a wonderful alternative for the retirees to enjoy getting in the water and learning a new “sport.”

HemingWeigh Yoga Mat with Strap

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A yoga mat is essential if they even might find some joy in doing outdoor yoga at a park or beach. What is the point of being near the beach, if you can’t do your exercising outdoors?

Fishing Lure Tackle Set

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For the fisherman heart in either, or both, of the retirees, get them this fishing lure tackle set so they can catch all the fish their heart desires.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen

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Sunscreen is another essential if they are going to be spending a lot of time outdoors or at the beach. They need to protect their skin from sun damage and those awful burns!

“Do not disturb” Floppy Sun Hat

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This floppy sun hat is great for wear at the beach or in their backyard, to keep the sun out of their face and off of their neck. The “do not disturb” wording on it is just icing on the cake to keep people from bugging them while they relax and soak up the nice weather.

Scavenger Diving Snorkel Set

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Another lovely water activity is snorkeling! Get them the gear they need to go underwater and enjoy marine life and they’re set to go!

“The ocean is calling and I must go” Coffee Mug

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Coffee drinking is still a necessity in Florida, and this awesome mug will fit their new location and how eager they are to enjoy the nearby ocean!

ONYX General Purpose Life Jacket

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For all that water fun, they need a life jacket to keep them safe from drowning. Even if they know how to swim, some water sports still call for a life jacket!

Retiring to Florida is a fun adventure, and you want to set them up for more fun and success than they ever dreamed possible, so be sure to give them a great gift before they go! 

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