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25 Gift Ideas for Your Snowbird Grandparents

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Snowbird grandparents head south for the winter, including yours. Most of them head for Florida, which is where you’ll find thousands of retirees with summer homes, needing gift ideas for your snowbird grandparents year-round. 

20 Gift Ideas for Your Snowbird Grandparents

Remember, your grandparents came to Florida to get away from the winter blues. So here are 20 gift ideas for your snowbird grandparents this year.

Fun and Useful Gifts for the Snowbird Grandparents in Your Life

If your grandparents have moved on to become nursing home residents, we have you covered there as well. Take a look at this list of 20 gift ideas for nursing home residents.

pool float lounge chair

Floating Pool Lounge

Let them get started in the best possible way with retired life with this floating beach lounge. Now they can enjoy a drink and a good book whilst relaxing not in the pool but ON the pool.

In Arizona we salt margaritas not sidewalks cutting board

Salt Cutting Board

Arizona is a popular snowbird retirement destination. If someone in your life is heading there to escape the cold and ice this winter they’re going to love this funny cutting board. Perfect for slicing limes!

Inflatable Pool Bar

Inflatable Pool Bar

Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a young person’s gift. Inflatable pool bars are all the rage down south. Now you’ll never have to leave the warmth of the winter sun again.

This Gift Ideas for Your Snowbird Grandparents helps them transport their casserole in style.

Food Carrier

What do you do when you attend pot luck?

Bring along a casserole or some other tasty dish using this food carrier. Keep the food warm and be everybody’s favorite chef.

wine chiller carrier

Wine Carrier

From keeping things warm to keeping things chilled, wine doesn’t taste good when it’s warmed up. This wine carrier will help your snowbird grandparents get their alcohol to the party safely and ready to serve.

reader's journal

Reader’s Journal

If you love reading, it’s time to join a book club and share your passion with others. This reader’s journal is the perfect beginning to any book club. Round it off with an Amazon gift card and let them start their library off, your treat. And if they have run out of room for their books, snag them some of these

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you’re backwards. Show off how ‘hip’ you are with the new Kindle Fire. You won’t have to carry around 101 paperbacks any longer, plus you’ll wow your friends with your mad tech skills.

golf rack

Golf Rack 

Fooooour! We don’t know what that means, but go down to a snow birding destination and you’ll hear retirees yelling this on a regular basis. Get your grandparents this dedicated organizer to help them store everything and keep things tight.

dream golf coureses book

Golf Course Guide 

No matter where they’re snow birding this golf course guide is the perfect companion for the day trip lover in your family.

It also is great for a retiree to create their gold bucket list!

family photo frame

Picture Frames 

Far away from home, it can be hard to be so far from loved ones. Help them keep you in their hearts by sending them a picture frame and a treasured family photo. Trust us, they’ll appreciate it.

wifi photo printer

Photo Printer 

If you’re not wild about keeping all your photos on the computer or their phone, a photo printer is in order. Help them start their new photo album with this!

Let it snow anywhere but here mug

Let it Snow Mug

This is a cute Christmas gift to ship to a snowbird’s winter destination or for them to bring with them. Winter is great… But not where they are!

Digital Photo Frame  with wifi

Digital Photo Frame 

It’s a way to present digital photos. Choose your photo and set the frame down. Now you can have a whole new family photo on your mantel each day.

Get one with wifi so you can update it remotely for an even better gift.

Welcome to our home away from snow yard sign

Home Away From Snow Flag

This custom flag fits in most garden flag holders. Perfect for the snowbird couple to bring down to their warm destination and proudly display all winter long.

Santa and Mrs. Claus Beach Ornament

Santa and Mrs. Claus Beach Ornament

This is another cute gift for Christmas to a snowbird couple: Santa and Mrs. Claus on the beach! They’ll be able hang it on their tree at home and think about their “other” home or, if they’re away for the holidays, it will be cute on their destination Christmas tree too.

Florida travel guide

Travel Guide 

Florida is a diverse state with something for everyone. Help your snowbirds plan little excursions away from home with this full-color travel guide.

Map Heart Pillow custom

Map Heart Pillow 

This customized map heart pillow places two destinations on each side of the heart. Put their new destination on one side and the old on another. It’s a creative gift that’s bound to put smiles on faces.

Smartphone Sanitizer 

Smartphone Sanitizer 

Let’s be honest, a lot of grandparents are obsessed by cleanliness. Smartphone sanitizer keeps their gadgets squeaky clean and will keep those medical bills down.

Ugg Suede Slipper 

Ugg Suede Slipper 

There’s nothing like putting your feet up with one of these slippers. Made from soft, silky suede, retirement has never felt so good.

USB Cufflinks 

Blow grandpa’s mind with a pair of USB cufflinks. Yes, they really work. Now a tech savvy grandpa can easily bring important files with him wherever he goes.

world travel journal

Travel Journal

Make a travel journal and a family heirloom in one. World travellers will love being able to record all their adventures with this graphic image travel journal.

travel cup holder for suitcase

Travel Accessories

Since they’re going to be spending a lot of time travelling (at least twice a year but often more) get your snowbird grandparents some accessories to make the commute a little easier.

I love key west personalized sign

Key West Sign

You can actually have this sign personalized to say any destination they snowbird at! This would be a nice way to show their love for their winter destination in their primary residence.

Personalized Beach Tote

Personalized Beach Tote

This is a practical gift that’s easy to for your grandparents to take with them to their destination when they like to travel light! Give it on its own or fill with some travel accessories for a thoughtful gift basket idea.

Bye-bye summer said no snowbird ever shirts

Snowbird Shirt

Are your grandparents the type who will wear matching shirts? Why not get them something funny and cute like this pair of snowbird themed tees!

This gift ideas for your snowbird grandparents are probably making you a little bit jealous that you can’t escape the cold with them but it’s nice to know that at least someone will be comfortable this winter!

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