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Gift Ideas for Hamster Lovers

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When you think of hamsters, you likely think of a soft fluffy little rodent. Some may think they’re cute, some may not, and others are more passionate about them than the average. Do you have someone in your life who loves their own hamsters, or hamsters in general…? Then they will enjoy receiving any one of the gifts listed below!

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Hamster Washi Tape

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If they are at all crafty, the hamster washi tape will make an excellent gift. It will help them feel even more creative and crafty.

Talking Hamster Plush

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Who doesn’t need a talking hamster plush to keep them company?

“World’s Best Hamster Mom” Shirt

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They are the world’s best hamster mom, and they are darn proud of it too!

Hamster Necklace

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Everyone needs a nice necklace that they can wear to a party or on a special occasion, and for the hamster lover in your life, this hamster necklace fits the bill!

“Warning this property is protected by a highly trained hamster” Sign

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Their home and land is protected by a highly trained hamster, and they are legally obligated to warn visitors.

“My hamster loves me the best” Coffee Mug

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Whether there are other people in their hamster’s life, they are it’s favorite. Help them remind their friends and family of this fact with this new coffee mug.

Hamster wearing a Santa Hat Christmas Ornament

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A Christmas ornament for their hamster, or as a way to remember their hamster, is a meaningful gift they will love to receive.

Hamster Stud Earrings

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Perfect match to go with their new necklace are the hamster stud earrings.

“All you need is love… and a hamster” Print

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Their philosophy is that all they need is their hamster and love. They have got both from that furry little creature in their life.

Cute Cartoon Hamster Pencil Pouch

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Whether they are in school, going to work, or just write or draw as a hobby, they definitely need a cute cartoon hamster pencil pouch to carry their writing tools in.

Hamster Wearing Glasses Tote Bag

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This will work nicely as a grocery bag, or as an extension of a purse! It is also super cute.

Leather Hamster Keychain

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A great way to carry their keys and always know where they are with their new leather hamster keychain.

Rubber Hamster Stamp

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Kids and adults alike can enjoy stamps. For the hamster lover in your life, this rubber hamster stamp will be fun to play or do business with.

14. Cute Hamster Pet Magnets

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Hanging things up on the fridge with their very own pet hamster magnets makes it more fun and enjoyable!

Hamster Crossing Sticker

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Perfect for when there’s a hamster in the house and you are worried about running into them in the most random places.

Hamster Removable Wall Stickers

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Stick these up on your kid’s wall and give them one of the best surprises of their lives!

Squishy Hamster Ball

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For those with anxiety, this squishy hamster ball is a great tool to help. All they need to do is squeeze or knead it and it can help get rid of some of their anxiety.

“A house is not a home without a hamster” Sign

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It’s true, theirs and others’ homes are not complete without a hamster to make it whole.

Hamster with Umbrella Phone Case

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Help them protect their phone from cracks and scratches, and debut their passion for hamsters at the same time.

Hamster Sushi Enamel Pin

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They can wear it on their clothes, purse, backpack, or wherever else they decide to pin their hamster sushi pin.

Hamsters are popular, and you probably know someone who would love to receive one of the gifts listed above for a holiday or birthday. If not one of these, then it will help get the ideas flowing in the right direction.

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