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Gift Ideas for Water Buffalo Lovers

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The water buffalo, one of the most reliable and steadfast domesticated animals in human society has many fans. It’s not hard to understand why, ubiquitous in rice fields and rivers they are a close friend to many of us. This gift guide celebrates the majestic mammals in some of the most unique gift finds on the internet.

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We have the biggest list of gift ideas for every type of animal lover out there, to give you even more gift guides to browse.

Gift Ideas for Water Buffalo Lovers

Water Buffalo Watercolor Painting

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This gorgeous painting illustrates the water buffalo in a stylish and modern design that’s fit for any decor style! Gift it for the perfect water buffalo themed present that would appeal to just about anyone.

Embroidered Water Buffalo

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This cute embroidered water buffalo patch would make an excellent crafty gift for anyone who calls themselves a fan of the bison.

Water Buffalo Pendant

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This gorgeous turquoise pendant is a really unique find, with an attractive handmade look it’s sure to make a great charm or jewelry piece that any buffalo fan can get behind.

Stylish Water Buffalo Skull

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Now this piece is really something special, useful for just about any style as decor this water buffalo skull is as eye-catching as great gifting finds come!

Water Buffalo Book

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This book chronicles the experience of a young boy growing up in rural Vietnam with his family water buffalo. An interesting read, this is sure to captivate any water buffalo lovers in your life!

Water Buffalo Dog Treat

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This small piece of horn makes for a great dog treat, and is a sure fire way to surprise any water buffalo fan!

Water Buffalo T-Shirt

T-shirts are the staple of any fandom, and believe me when I say water buffalo fans are not left out in the rain! This funny T-shirt features a water buffalo and lets everyone know what your true spirit animal is.

Water Buffalo Leather Overnight Bag

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This stunning leather overnight bag is a fantastic accessory for water buffalo fans and anyone with a keen eye for fashion! Pick this up for a guaranteed hit, besides who couldn’t use a brand new bag?

Water Buffalo Rubber Stamp

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This rubber stamp is a quick and easy pick for anyone with a water buffalo lover in their life. Great for crafts, gift bags and the artistically inclined this stamp is a no-brainer!

Geometric Water Buffalo Print

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This trendy water buffalo art print is a real eye-catcher! Hang it up for an easy decor piece or frame it however you like, either way it captures the true majesty of the water buffalo!

Water Buffalo Hat

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This funny prop hat is a water buffalo lover’s dream! Great for costume making or even lounging around the house, this hat is sure to be a real hit. With fake fur and horns, you’ll get some smiles in this funny water buffalo hat.

Antique Taxidermy Water Buffalo Hoof

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Some of the best gift finds are antiques. Truly unique, this antique water buffalo gift is the perfect present for some of the more eclectic friends of yours!

Vinyl Water Buffalo Stickers/Confetti

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This pack of water buffalo confetti are another great craft gift for any water buffalo lover! Doubling as sticker their uses are practically endless!

Water Buffalo Sweatshirt

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Besides being one of the most trustworthy and reliable animals in our society, the water buffalo makes for some fantastic fashion prints! This embroidered sweatshirt is a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe, water buffalo lover or not!

Water Buffalo Handmade Birthday Card

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This unique birthday card is sure to land with any water buffalo fans! Ideal for birthday celebrations, this one-of-a-kind card can’t be found on drugstore shelves, pick one up for that water buffalo loving friend of yours!

Silver Water Buffalo Charm

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This water buffalo charm is made from silver, and features a small loop making it perfect for phone/bracelet charms for anyone who calls themselves a true water buffalo fan!

Water Buffalo Plant Holder

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This plastic plant holder is something you won’t find anywhere else, ideal for home decor this water buffalo themed gift is sure to surprise that bison fan on your gift list this year!

Water Buffalo Piggy Bank

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That’s right, it’s a water buffalo styled piggy bank. For all your coin collecting needs look no further, this is sure to get a smile from any water buffalo enthusiast friend or family member of yours!

Water Buffalo Toy Figurine

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This small water buffalo figurine is the perfect small gift for any younger water buffalo fans out there. Or use it as a display piece in your office or on your bookshelf! Either way, this figurine makes for a thoughtful gift.

Hopefully you’ve found exactly the water buffalo themed gift you were looking for! Water buffalo lovers can be a really unique bunch, and their gifts should be too!

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