Baby Gift Ideas: When Grandma Bought Everything Already

Baby Gift Ideas: When Grandma Bought Everything Already

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Grandmas can get really excited when they find out a new grandbaby is on the way. One way they can show how excited they are is buying everything under the sun! Leaving not much for to hers or even mom to buy for their baby. This list of Baby Gift Ideas: When Grandma Bought Everything Already has some really unique and must haves every parent would love to have.

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Baby Gift Ideas When They Already have Everything

Portable musts haves, unique toys ideas, and some really handy stress saving ideas. These Baby Gift Ideas: When Grandma Bought Everything Already have something for everyone. New moms or seasoned moms will appreciate every one of these gifts. So get shopping!

Grey portable bassiney

Portable Bassinet

Okay, this is amazing. Portable bassinet that easily folds down and even comes with a carrying bag. Perfect for when you aren’t at home or even to pop up outside. Every new mom would love one of these and I’m sure it’s something even Grandma wouldn’t have bought yet.

Baby Gift Ideas: When Grandma Bought Everything Already flower bath for baby

Blooming Bath 

Typically a classic baby tub is given as a baby gift but this one is really neat and something every mom should have. You place the Blooming Bath petals into the sink and it creates a soft cushion for baby’s bath. This is durable and very soft, not to mention it dries quickly in the dryer or by hanging up. .

Cool Mist Humidifier & Star Projector

Cool Mist Humidifier & Star Projector

Two in one, total win! Having a humidifier is a must when having a baby and a star projector built into one is a bonus. The less items on your nightstand the better.

grey Stroller Organizer bag

Stroller Organizer Bag

I’m certain you or the mom you are buying for already has a great diaper bag but what about a stroller bag? These are a must have! They strap easily to any stroller and can hold exactly what you need when out for walk. No need for your large diaper bag. My favorite part? The handy wipe pouch in the front.

blue Diaper Bag with Detachable Changing Station

4 in 1 Diaper Bag

On the topic of diaper bags, if they don’t have one this one is a total must buy. It’s not a typical bag with tons of pockets this one has those AND also a USB charging port for your electronics and a detachable changing station!

Baby Gift Ideas: When Grandma Bought Everything Already First Year Photo Frame

First Year Photo Frame

Sentimental gifts can sometimes be overlooked for baby shower gifts. Often its cute clothing , diapers, and a few toys. This baby’s first year is a must have. It’s the perfect keepsake to look back on as your baby grows.

Tummy Time Water Mat

Tummy Time Water Mat

Every baby needs a good tummy time mat, there’s so many on the market but this ones truly unique. It’s filled with water! Making it extra fun for baby to learn how to work those neck muscles and explore.

portable baby activity center

Portable Baby Activity Center

Anything that can be folded up and put away is a must have when it comes to baby stuff. This portable baby activity center can be used both inside and outside and it folds up for easy travel and storage.

black portable high chair

Portable High Chair

When baby starts eating they need a good highchair, this one folds up and can easily be brought anywhere with you. Going to grandparents, camping, or even just to the back yard.

On-The-Go Wipes Dispenser

On-The-Go Wipes Dispenser

Baby wipes often come in a handy pop top package you can toss into your diaper bag, but if you are planning to just do a qucik shopping trip and want to just bring a smaller bag in with you this plastic to go wipes dispenser is a must have for every mom. You can just toss a few wipes in and they stay moist and ready to be used without needing to bring such a large package.

Baby Gift Ideas: When Grandma Bought Everything Already - silicone beaded breastfeeding necklace

Silicone Beaded Breastfeeding Necklace

Babies can become distracted easily especially when Breastfeeding. These handy silicone beaded necklaces are perfect for those situations. Baby can tub, play, and even chew on them. You can customize and pick any colors so they can look fashionable.

Baby Gift Ideas: When Grandma Bought Everything Already - Wooden baby keepsake memory box.

Baby Keepsake Memory Box

These adorable custom wooden baby keepsake boxes are a moms dream. Place all the little items to forever remember your sweetie as a baby.

Baby Gift Ideas: When Grandma Bought Everything Already - Handmade Frame 3D casting mold kit

Handmade Frame 3D casting mold kit

This ones a must have. a 3D casting mold of hands or feet and it will even be framed. The ultimate keepsake memory for mommy and daddy.

spinning wheel toy for highchair

Spin wheel with Suction Base High Chair 

When the time comes to start feeding your little ones solids you may realize they have trouble staying focused long enough to actually get some food into them. These handy highchair toys are a lifesaver during those times. It keeps them busy long enough to get enough food into them to make both mom and baby happy.

blue and white baby Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

I’m sure grandma bought you the ever so important baby nail clippers and basic essentials kit for baths, but these are truly the best! No need to fear cutting baby while cutting those little razor nails. This gentle files the nails down and babies will hardly notice you are even doing it.

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

These are a lifesaver, or should I say milk saver! Often overlooked when it comes to breastfeeding but these are highly recommended. While breastfeeding pop this on the other side to collect milk that leaks. It can also help pump the other side and save milk for a bottle in the future. Its super handy and be thrown in a diaper bag so you can do a quick pump while out and about.

Silicone Feeder Freezer Tray

Silicone Feeder & Freezer Tray

These are often overlooked when it comes to baby must haves, but trust me they are a must have. Toss in some frozen fruit or fresh fruit into them to give to a teething baby, they will love how it feels as they chew. You can also toss in baby food and place in the freezer with the handy tray it comes with.

Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother

Grandma probably bought a white noise machine but i guarantee they wouldn’t have thought of a baby shusher! These can be a lifesaver with helping mom get more sleep at night. instead of hanging over the crib shushing the baby to sleep place this in the crib and let the magic work.

Baby Car Camera with Display

Baby Car Camera with Display

If grandma got mom a mirror for their car we know it’ll be more of a pain than a helper. This baby car camera comes with a little camera and screen so mom can drive in peace without worrying about the mirror falling and moving slightly with every bump.

Baby Monitor to Track Heart Rate

Baby Monitor to Track Heart Rate

Baby monitors are always a must have but this one comes with a heart tracker and oxygen level tracker. New moms can have extra anxiety about if baby is okay while sleeping so why not give them something to help ease that stress.

Hopefully you found something perfect to shower the mom in your life from this list of Baby Gift Ideas: When Grandma Bought Everything already. If you still need some ideas check out this list of Book gifts for baby showers and Practical baby gifts for first time moms.

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