Baby Gift Ideas: When Grandma Bought Everything Already

Baby Gift Ideas: When Grandma Bought Everything Already

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Sometimes Grandma gets really excited when she finds out she’s about to have a new grandchild! Sometimes she gets so excited that she just might buy out the whole registry, I’ve seen it happen! When that happens, don’t despair – there are still plenty of items that you can get for the new baby and new parents.

I never know what to get when grandma has bought everything already! These are fantastic baby shower gift ideas.

1. Espresso Oval First Year Frame

This is a great keepsake item for documenting all of the monthly milestones in baby’s first year!

Blooming Bath

2.  Blooming Bath

This is a great sink bathing tool for babies. You place the Blooming Bath petals into the sink and creates a soft cushion for baby’s bath. This is durable and very soft, not to mention it dries quickly in the dryer or by hanging up to dry.

3. Hello World! Personalized Board Book

You can’t beat a personalized book for baby that features their own photograph! Parents will like it for nostalgic reasons, babies will like the board pages and getting to see their picture in a book!

4. First Family Photo Session

Why not pay for a photo session for the brand new family? What an opportunity to help the new parents start a family photo collection! It’s a special gift that will last a lifetime!

5. Stock the Freezer

When the new baby comes home, there won’t be much time for preparing meals! New parents will be thankful to have quick and easy meals! Get together with some other friends and plan out a few weeks worth of meals that can be made in advance and stored in the freezer. Lasagna, soups, casseroles, sandwiches, or chicken or vegetable pot pies are always good options to start with! You could even write out handwritten labels and instructions for each item to add more personal flair!

6. TV on DVD

Do the new parents have any favorite TV shows? Help them keep plenty of at-home entertainment on hand for those long days and nights spent at home with the new baby!

7. Start a 529 Plan for New Baby

This particular gift might have to wait until a few months into the new baby’s life, but it’s a great way to start the impending college fund! There are usually low minimums and tax advantages.

8. Rockabye Baby CDs

Rockabye Baby takes rock songs, rap songs, and other popular music and transforms them into lullabies for babies! It’s so creative! Just think of the soothing sounds of P!NK, Jay-Z, and The Clash to put baby to sleep with! These CDs are definitely a little   more outside of the box, but make such a great gift idea!   Whenever you’re at a loss for what to get for a new baby when Grandma’s already bought everything, just be creative and think of gifts that new parents will also love! After all, the new parents are going to be busy and stressed – consider ways to make their lives easier too!

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