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20 Gift Ideas for the Pasta Lover

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Pasta is a beautiful invention. It is so versatile and can be used for the main meal or the side dish. It is super easy to make and goes well with almost any style of food whether it is Italian, French, Asian, American or more. Noodles can be incorporated into almost anything. The pasta lover in your life will understand this and will appreciate anything you give them to that fuels this passion for pasta.

Gift basket ideas for the pasta lover or the pastafarian in your life. These look delicious!

Angel Hair Spaghetti

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Spaghetti is the staple to any pasta lover’s diet. It’s made of angel hair, that’s how you know it’s made by God.

Gluten Free Pasta Sampler Pack

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Being gluten free does not mean being excluded from the pasta lover club. This six pack of classic pastas are gluten free, all natural, and still delicious pasta.

Potato Gnocchi

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These were introduced to me by a friend who loves potatoes and knew I loved noodles. Gnocchi are a traditional Italian noodle made by potatoes. It’s really the best of both worlds. The texture is not the same as regular noodles, but it’s nothing a pasta lover can’t grow to love.

Penn State Pasta

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Pasta is so versatile and can be made into just about any color or shape. Here it is blue and shaped like Penn State’s Nittany Lions that comes with a pasta salad dressing packet. This particular shape is great for anyone who went to Penn State or is a hard core Penn State fan who also happens to have a deep love for pasta.

Christmas Tree Pasta

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Here pasta is, dressed up for Christmas. Seriously, pasta comes in every shape you can think of.

Pasta Serving Spoon

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Pasta is a pain in the butt to serve with anything besides a pasta serving spoon. Have you ever tried serving pasta with a regular spoon? It doesn’t work, the pasta slides right off.

Pasta Pot

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While a pot with a special straining lid isn’t necessary, it is certainly helpful for the pasta lover. No more searching for a colander and no more sink noodles from trying (and failing) to drain the water using only the lid.

Pasta Machine

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Devoted pasta lovers have a deep fondness for fresh, homemade pasta. A pasta machine will ensure the pasta lover will always have a way to obtain the elusive fresh, homemade pasta.

Past Drying Rack

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If you plan on making homemade pasta, it needs to be hung to dry. This drying rack is collapsible so it will not take up as much space in the kitchen when not in use.

Impasta Onesie

Pasta lovers start teaching their children early the difference between real noodles and “impastas”. This impasta onesie will show everyone your child is a pasta lover in training.

Pasta Notebook

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What better place to write all of your pasta related recipes than in a notebook adorned with wonderful pasta?

Bowtie Pasta Phone Case

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For many people, their phone is an essential part of everyday life. For pasta lovers, pasta is an important part of everyday life as well. This pasta phone case will proudly display their love of pasta on their beloved iPhone.

Pasta Mousepad

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For most activities, people don’t tend to sit down and use a computer, but they usually do at work. This pasta mousepad would be perfect for the office where the pasta lover can be reminded that their love, pasta, is waiting for them at home.

Pasta Wall Decal

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The true pasta lover will feel at home with a pasta wall decal. These decals can be selected in the color and size that best match the color scheme of the pasta lover’s home.

Pasta Apron

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These aprons for the male or female pasta lover in your life depict a person wearing clothes made only out of pasta. These are perfect for wearing to make pasta.

Vegetable Spiralizer

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Pasta made from vegetables is a great low calorie, healthy alternative to pasta. This kit comes with everything necessary to make noodles from vegetables including a peeler, spiralizer, cleaning brush, storage bag, and recipe book.

“I Love Pasta” Book

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This book is written by Barilla about pasta and includes the Italian history of pasta as well as sauce and seasoning combinations.

500 Piece Pasta Puzzle

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This puzzle takes true pasta dedication to complete at 500 pieces.  The finished puzzle is 1925” by 1425” and can be sealed to hang on the wall if so desired. The pieces are sturdy and do not peel or bend if the pasta lover just has to do this puzzle multiple times.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Pasta is traditionally Italian and goes well with olive oil and cheese. This particular olive oil is rated a number one new release and is sure to please your pasta lover.

Red Wine

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What better way to finish off a lovely pasta meal than with a nice bottle of red wine? This mixed pack is sure to have something that will spark your pasta lover’s interest.

What are your gift ideas for pasta lovers?

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