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Gift Ideas for Llama Lovers that we Lllllloove

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Happy llama, sad llama, mama llama, drama llama; there’s a llama out there for every llama lover. These llama gifts are sure to please any llama fan (and maybe a few alpaca fans as well)!

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Delighted by more than just llamas? We’ve got all of the animals covered in this giant list of animal lover gifts.

Llama Floopsie

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Who doesn’t want something called a “floopsie”? This p[lush llama is sure to bring a smile to a llama lovers’ face!

Dali Llama Mug

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Your punniest llama lovin’ friend will LOVE this puntastic mug, so be prepared for lots of laughs when your friend unwraps this gift.

Llama Duster

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Germaphobes can enjoy a good llama too, so spread cleanliness with this llama duster.

The Llama Sutra Adult Coloring Book

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Some off color humor never hurt anyone. This adult coloring book is filled with llamas, other animals, and plenty of adult jokes to make the coloring artist laugh out loud.

Llama Drama Socks

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These knee high socks are definitely in style because of the cutsey llamas on them. A llama lover shouldn’t be without these on a cold day!

Llama Measuring Cup Set

This nestling set doubles as a cute countertop decoration. Who wouldn’t want to display llama measuring cups for all to see?

Llama Water Bottle

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This stainless steel insulated water bottle keeps your drink at the desired temperature, while also making you look super cool, as the outside features a rad llama.

Llama Hat

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Technically this fluffy hat is marketed as an alpaca hat, but I think we all know it’s actually a gorgeous llama hat that every llama “llover” needs.

Llama Hoodie

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Another one for the punsters, this clever hoodie says “No Prob-llama,’ which every llama lover should really get tattooed on themselves. But if they don’t want to do that, this hoodie is the perfect compromise.

Llama Makeup Bag

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Llamas might not wear makeup, but many llama lovers do and will love this cosmetics case covered in llamas.

Llama Doormat

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If your llama loving friend doesn’t have this doormat, how will they properly welcome other llama lovers to their house? This gift is a definite necessity.

Llama Phone Case</h3?

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This iPhone case features a very artsy looking llama, perfect for any artsy looking llama fan.

Llama Sheets

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This twin XL sheets set is the perfect gift for any collegiate llama lover!

Llama Apron

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This sassy women’s apron brings llamas into your kitchen…kind of. A great gift for a chef who happens to love llamas.

Llama Keychain

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If you’re looking for a more authentic gift, this hand made Peruvian wool llama keychain is exactly what you need.

Obama Llama Game

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There’s a good chance that if your friend likes llamas, they probably enjoy rhyming. Why not gift them a fun celebrity name rhyming game?

Llama Necklace

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This gold plated llama necklace is handmade with love and ready for you to gift to a stylish llama lover.

Llama Sponge Holder

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Let this classy llama hide your dish sponge in his tummy. Cleanliness is next to llama-liness!

Llama Cushion Cover

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Llamas are the perfect print for home decor, and this llama cushion cover is no exception. Two is better than one, and these two cute llamas agree!

Llama T-Shirt

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A true llama lover will wear this shirt with pride, because llamas truly make them happy.

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