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Gift Ideas for the Letter U for Adults

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The letter “U” is a tricky letter of the alphabet, especially for gift giving.  I mean, have you considered a unicorn unitard yet? Perhaps you should.

There are so many choices to choose from though! Check out some of these ideas here:

Gift Ideas for the Letter U

Umbrella with Famous Location Print

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An umbrella with scenery from various famous locations all around the canopy, it’s pretty to look at and will keep your friend dry from the rain at the same time!


Ukulele in Mahogany Brown

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Ukuleles might not be popular but they certainly look fun. They would be an interesting challenge for your friend to learn and play a song or two on for entertainment or as a hobby!


Underdog Up & Away T-Shirt

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This t-shirt is awesome and stylish for your Underdog loving friend. They will think of you and your thoughtfulness each time they grab the shirt to wear.


Unearthed (After Dark Horrorfest) DVD

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Movies are always an awesome gift to get and to watch on downtime from work. Unearthed is a lovely choice for the horror movie fanatic in your life!


Underwood 2016 Shirt

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The “Underwood 2016” shirt is in style and trendy, get this for your friend for their next gift and they will wear it proudly!


Unicorn Decorations Wall Mirror

Unicorns are cool and any one of your friends would be lucky to have this unicorn decorations mirror to put up on their wall!

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This particular gift would have a learning curve to figure out how to ride this without falling over, but a unicycle is an interesting hobby and could be very fun to learn how to ride!


United States of America Flag

The United States of America flag is everywhere, but anyone who is patriotic will be happy to have another one to proudly display around or on the outside of their house!

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Unitard for Women

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Get your favorite lady a unitard! It’s unique and if she already has a love of unitards, it could be the perfect gift for her to have and wear!


Unisex Handmade Real Leather Messenger Bag

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This unisex handmade real leather messenger bag is perfect for the guy or girl in your life who needs to carry a lot of notebooks or other things with them each day! It’s stylish and useful, all in one!


Utility Belt, Law Enforcement

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For the law enforcement person in your life, get them this utility belt to hold all their tools of the trade!


Ultimate Sinatra CD Collection

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Who doesn’t love Sinatra? This ultimate Sinatra CD collection has a whopping one hundred songs included!


Utility Knife

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Utility knives are extremely useful for times when you need to use a knife and aren’t at home where they have access to their everyday knives!


Ultimate Travel: Our List of the 500 Best Places to See Book

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Know any ultimate travelers? Get them this book of 500 best places to see so that they can go and visit as many of the places listed in the book as they can, and have fun while doing so!


“Undone and Done For” Print

If you have a friend who might like a print to hang on their wall or pin up somewhere, this might just be the one for them, “undone and done for,” for those times that they are just simply done with the world.

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  • Uplifting Shower Bomb

This uplifting shower bomb is a nice addition to your friend’s shower to help them feel uplifted and relaxed, which we all need from time to time!

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Underdog Movie

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The Underdog movie is awesome and inspiring, and would be a much loved gift for your friend to watch!


  • “United We Stand” Rustic Patriotic Sign

Another one for the patriotic friend in your life, “United we stand” sign to put up on their wall or perhaps in their window, to show the world how proud they are to be an American.

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Up Movie

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Up is a fun, kid-friendly movie for your friend to watch if they are a Disney fan or if they have a kid in their life that they would love to spend some quality time with.

Undone: A Story of Making Peace with an Unexpected Life by Michele Cushatt

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Is there a bookworm in your life that needs a new book to read? Try this one, Undone: A Story of Making Peace with an Unexpected Life, sure to be inspiring and motivating!


All of these gifts have something to offer for your friend if you choose to grab them up for them! They are all wonderful in their own ways and unique as well!