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38 Inventive Gift Ideas for the Letter T

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Are you looking for a fantastic gift for the Letter T? You’re sure to find what you’ve been looking for here! Whether you need to get a gift for someone who enjoys making their home beautiful or someone who loves a laugh, the perfect gift for them is in this list of 20 inventive gift ideas for the letter T.

Gift Ideas for the Letter T

Not quite sure what to get the adult friend of yours for their birthday? Or maybe you just need something small, to show them that you appreciate them. Regardless the reason, the question is really what are some great gift ideas? Well, look no further.

Inventive Gift Ideas for the Letter T

Letter T themed gift ideas might seem like a tough subject but with our help we can make you a terrific gift giver yet! Try these gift ideas for the letter T for birthdays, anniversaries, or “just because”.

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Gift ideas for the letter T - Tapestry


This beautiful tapestry will be a stunning addition to any bohemian home.

Tea tree oil gift set perfect Gift ideas for the letter T

Tea Tree Oil Gift Set

Beauty lovers will be excited to receive this gorgeous Body Shop Tea Tree Oil gift set!

Cool unique gift ideas for the letter T - Tablet stand

Tablet Stand for the Bed

Who else hates trying to watch movies on their tablet in bed? This Tablet Stand totally solves that problem. Give it to a friend and they can say goodbye forever to aching arms and sliding tablets!

Give a tactical backpack as a unique letter T gift idea

Tactical Backpack

Need to get a gift for an adventure loving friend? They’ll love taking this tactical backpack on all of their extreme expedition!

Looking for a special gift idea for the letter T? Try this Tai Chi dvd

Tai Chi DVD

Give the gift of inner calm with this Tai Chi for Beginners DVD.

They're going to love this takoyaki gril letter T gift idea

Takoyaki Grill

If they love trying new things in the kitchen, your friend will be excited to try out this Japanese Takoyaki Grill. Any fancy some Japanese street food?

Top gift ideas for the letter T - Tangle teezer

Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezers are a great, long lasting gift for the letter T that will definitely come in useful!

Taqueria book gift ideas for the letter T

Taqueria Cookbook

Do you need to get a gift for someone who adores Mexican food? Get them this Taqueria Cookbook so they can indulge in their favourite food every night of the week!

Tarot decks make unique letter T gift ideas

Tarot Deck

Has your friend always been a little curious about the spiritual world? They’ll enjoy exploring their curiosity with this Wild Tarot Deck and Guidebook.

Whether it's temporary or not tattoos are fantastic gift ideas for the letter T


So you could take your friend out to get a real tattoo! Or you could play it safe and get them these stunning temporary tats instead.

Funny taxidermy book gift ideas for the letter T

Taxidermy Book

Giving a real taxidermy animal as a gift might freak the receiver out, so why not settle for this funny photo book as an alternative?

Teabloom Set

Know someone who loves tea and flowers? Well this is the perfect gift for them! First they’ll be hypnotised by the beautiful blooming flower and then they get to drink some delicious herbal tea.

Tequila is the best gift idea for the letter T

Tequila Serving Set

A Tequila Serving Set adds a classy touch to the usual, rowdy mayhem of tequila shots!

Terrariums make nice gift ideas for the letter T

Terrarium Kit

If you know someone who wishes that they had a garden to tend to, get them this terrarium kit. They’ll be able to practice on a much smaller scale!

Tibetan bowl gift ideas for the letter T

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Meditation fans will enjoy this peaceful gift of a beautiful Tibetan Singing Bowl. It will add another level of calm to their practice.

Unique gift ideas for the letter T- Tie-dye kit

Tie Dye Kit

Take your friend back to the 70s with this tie dye kit! They’ll be wearing platforms, growing their hair and listening to Janis Joplin before you know it.

Toilet Fishing Game

Need to get a gift for a friend who finds toilet humour hilarious? They’ll surely appreciate this fishing game, designed to take away any bathroom boredom!

Ticket stub organizer gift ideas for the letter T

Ticket Stub Organiser

This is a brilliant gift for someone who loves to go to sports games, music concerts or travel the world! The Ticket Stub Organiser will help them to display and organise all of those treasured memories.

Fun travel game gift ideas for the letter T

Travel Games for Grown Ups

Add some entertainment to your friend’s future road trips with some Travel Games for Grown Ups. Long journeys don’t get any less boring as you grow up.

The best gift ideas for the letter T - travel map

Travel Tracker Map

Do you need to get a gift for someone who loves to travel the world? This scratch off Travel Tracker Map is the perfect gift for them!

Toe Socks

These are perfect for when the weather is cooling down, but you aren’t quite ready to put those flip flops away yet. They are available in a few different colors, and are made to fit both men and women’s toesies.

Tin man sculpture statue character

Tinman sculpture

All he ever wanted was a heart! And now he has one! This adorable tinman sculpture would look wonderful on a front doorstep, or in the garden!

Tripod for camera photography T letter gift idea


Is someone you know constantly shooting photos of anything and everything? Well, why not get them this lightweight tripod. It’s a great way to help them capture new perspectives, and really enhance their photography game.

Lawn care landscaping trimmer power tool T gift


There is nothing worse than having to trim the bushes branch by branch with a pair of loppers. Instead, make yard work an easy chore by gifting this Black and Decker hedge trimmer.

Electronic tablet gift idea gadget


Tablets are the perfect gift for that someone who is always on the go. They’re a great way to catch up on favorite shows, and even relax with some good reads!

Train clock creative T letter gift

Train Clock

While this looks like a train clock, it also serves another purpose. A conversation piece! That’s right, anyone who happens to notice the clock is sure to strike up a conversation about what an interesting clock it is!

Twine in a jar garden rope dispenser practical gift idea

Twine in a Jar

Do you have some crafty friends? If so there’s a pretty good chance they may enjoy this roll of twine in a jar. Once they use it up, they can transfer their own twine into it, for cute permanent twine storage.

Twig decor gift idea for

Twig Decor

There is something quite appealing about a tall vase full of flowers or twigs. These willow tree twigs make for a perfect vase filler!

Tabletop Bonzai tree relaxing gift idea

Tabletop Tree

Gardening is a great stress reliever for many. While this is only a tabletop tree, it does require some upkeep, and will also help provide a peaceful and relaxing zone.

Tiger puzzle creative gift idea

Tiger Puzzle

Puzzles are certainly not just for the kiddos. In fact, they make a great way to pass the time, no matter how old you are. And what’s extra fun about this tiger puzzle is that it’s three dimensional!

Learn to Tango funny creative gift idea for letter T gifts

Tango Lessons

Know someone who’s quick on their feet, and full of energy? Why not gift this dvd on tango lessons. It’s perfect for beginners who don’t know where to start!

Tailgating table gift idea for letter T names

Tailgating Table

Who doesn’t enjoy an afternoon of tailgating?! This collapsible table is the greatest tailgating accessory, as it folds just like a camping chair to take up minimal space, and make transportation easier. Not only does it have 4 mesh cup holders, but the center was made to hold a bowl of chips, or other tasty snacks!

I'm not saying you're stupid trivia party game

Trivia Game

Trivial Pursuit is a game of the past. Check out this exciting game of trivia called I’m Not Saying You’re Stupid. With a name like that it’s bound to bring tons of fun and laughter!

Tupperware nesting bowls T gift

Tupperware Nesting Bowls

Is there really such a thing as too many left over containers? I think not! And with a set like these Tupperware nesting bowls, you are sure to keep them around for good.

Tarrot card gift themed letter gift idea for T names

Tarot Card Set

Whether or not you know someone who is a believer, this tarot card set is sure to provide some entertainment for just about any adult. The cards and informational booklet come nicely packaged in a magnetic box, to keep everything all together.

tinkerbell ornament keychain figurine gift idea

Tinkerbell Keychain

Do you know a Disney Fan? Check out this cute keychain. No more losing keys once they are on this decently sized Tinkerbell keychain.

Twitter marketing guidebook

Twitter Marketing Book

Learning how to promote business on social media is becoming an important part of being an entrepreneur. The Twitter Marketing book is an excellent idea for a new business owner.

funny adult train socks

Train Socks

Need a gift for the fella who hasn’t quite given up his childhood obsession with trains? These socks are calling your name! Or his.

Which of these inventive gifts for the letter T are you going to choose? If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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