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20 Gift Ideas for Volunteers

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Volunteers are the heart of what makes your favorite non-profit organization tick. Spoil them whenever you can with some inexpensive gifts that foster community, fun, and conversation.

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Gift Ideas for Volunteers

Love What You Do

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This cute carry pouch holds makeup, pens, or whatever small items your favorite volunteer feels like carrying while reminding people to “Love What You Do.”

Alpine Foot Butter

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Some volunteers stand for hours at a time. Give them something to soothe their feet after their shift is done.

Take a Deep Breath Wall Art

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Volunteers share their time because they believe in what their favorite organization is doing, but sometimes it can be stressful. This piece helps to remind volunteers to manage their self-care.

Believe, Breathe, Achieve

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It’s hard to forget an organization’s mission while wearing this cute women’s t-shirt.

Novelty Donkey Memo Holder

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Leave notes for your favorite volunteer with this cute memo holder.

Natural Himalayan Crystal Light Holder

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It’s said that Himalayan Crystal (or Salt) removes the bad energy or toxins from the air. Sounds woo woo, but worth trying during a stressful day.

Polaroid Snap Digital Camera with instant photos

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Every organization should always have a great camera on hand to take pictures of events. The great thing about this camera is that you get instant access to the pictures.

The Carry on Cocktail Kit

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After a long shift helping the public, this miniature cocktail kit may be the ultimate stress reliever. Always remember-don’t drink and drive.

I Am Very Busy Pink Agenda

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This is the gift for the volunteer who is always lending a hand without being asked!

The Boss Mug

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This mug is a great one to have in the communal kitchen if there is one at your organization. Everyone can take turns being in charge.

Amazon eGift Card

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A eGift card is great when an organization would like to acknowledge the accomplishments of multiple team members without losing the cards.

Productivity Planner

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This planner is great for the ultimate overachiever or the volunteer on the team who needs some help with being a bit more productive.

Bathing Milk

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There is nothing better than soaking in a giant tub with bathing milk after a tough day of volunteering.

Metal Spring that is Basically a Slinky!

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This is a great toy to have on hand when working for an organization that helps children or clients with children. The best thing about this spring? It’s not too noisy.

Giant Jumble Tower (Basically Giant Jenga)

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Only pull out this game when you’re having a team building exercise otherwise the noise will drive everyone nuts.

Magic 8 Ball

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These are great when volunteers feel like questioning everything. Magic 8 Ball, are we making a difference. “Yes!”

Questions to Start Great Conversations(Do It Yourself Therapy)

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While this coined as self-therapy, volunteers are asking questions all day long. If it feels like there are no more questions to ask here is a great place to start when you need more.

3D Pen

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This is a gift for the a long-term volunteer who’s excited about printing technology.

The Largest Book of Sudoku Book in the History of the Universe

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There are many people who still can’t figure out how to work out a Sudoku puzzle. This is for the one volunteer who can.

Good Vibes Coloring Book

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Always remember to have good energy while serving the public. Coloring also helps to keep people happy.

Volunteers can at times feel unappreciated, by sharing these thoughtful gifts from time-to-time they will know that the organization appreciates their contribution.

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