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Gifts for a Pianist

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I actually took piano lessons as a kid and still know how to play. It’s a pretty difficult instrument to learn but those who are passionate about playing piano are really passionate. All of these gifts for a pianist are perfect for pianist friends or piano teachers. We also have gift ideas for guitar teachers and gifts for inspiring musicians

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Gifts That Are On Key 

Just like a piano!

Music Themed Pencils

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From kids taking lessons right up to professionals creating music, everyone who plays piano needs a pencil. Get them one of these cute music notation ones.

Piano Swirl Shirt


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Intriguing piano key shirt for a quirky and incredibly stylish piano teacher.

Music Note Bookends

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They can keep all their music books stood up safely with these stylish, metal bookends.


This gifts for a pianist would look great in any studio.

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Having a metronome is essential for piano playing, having a good quality, classy one is even better.

Sheet Music Paper

Gifts for a pianist include this notebook.

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Get them all set to create their next musical masterpiece with this sheet music composition notebook.

Piano Book

Gifts for a pianist include any book with songs to play.

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Pianists are happy to learn new things. This sheet music book has 100 of the most beautiful piano solos of all time, perfect for someone who likes to play on their own.

Bach Mug

This gifts for a pianist is for all the coffee lovers out there.

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You can get these mugs in all the famous classical artists so whatever your pianist’s preferences are they can be sassy with their mug.

Staff Necktie

Gifts for a pianist include these cute neck ties.

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Great for the male pianist (or tomboy), these ties are printed with musical staffs so that no matter how formal the event everyone will know what they’re passionate about.

Music Notes Poster

This gifts for a pianist would look cute in their teaching studio!

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Great for kids or an adult pianist who appreciates the simplistic charm of this art print.

Music Note Stickers

This gifts for a pianist would look cute in any planner.

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These stickers are a great addition to personal planners or home calendars. Perfect for anyone who needs to keep track of practice, lessons, or just piano-related events.

Piano Bag

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Sheet music, pencils, etc need to be carried around by musicians. Get a pianists this piano-themed tote bag so they can keep all their belongings safe.

Music Page Holder

This gifts for a pianist will help them play all the tunes!

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What makes this music page holder unique is that you can personalize it with any message you want. Perfect for piano teachers!

Hand Grip Strengthener

This gifts for a pianist will help them keep their hands buff!

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There’s a lot of muscles at work when you’re playing piano. Get a pianist one of these devices to help maintain, or improve, their hand strength so they can play even better.

Music Tree Ornaments

This gifts for a pianist would be a cute touch on any Christmas tree!

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If you’re looking for a Christmas gift these are a perfect choice for pianist or musician. They’re even made out of recycled piano string!

The Secret Piano Book

If they love to read, this gifts for a pianist will be a hit.

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Although there’s a few different Piano themed true stories out there, this one is pretty interesting.

I Love My Pianist Mug

Gifts for a pianist include ones for their coffee.

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Does this one count as a gift for you or them? If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with a pianist this mug is a perfect way to show how you feel.

Pianist Decoration

This gifts for a pianist would look cute in any space.

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This handcrafted figurine is a great gift for music teachers or piano lovers.

Personalized Keychain

This gifts for a pianist is a funny one!

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Their weapon of choice? Piano keys. Personalize this keychain with your own message or use that one, plus add in an initial so it’s really unique.

Pun Shirt

This gifts for a pianist is a punny one.

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This t-shirt has an amazing pun on it: “Life without piano would ‘B flat’”.

Chocolate Piano

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Why not just give them a piano made entirely out of chocolate as a gift?

Don’t worry, these gifts are definitely not going to fall flat when you gift them to a pianist.

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