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20 Gifts for Male Music Teachers

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Teachers make such a huge difference in our (or our children’s) lives. We’ve talked about gifts for teachers in the past, but if a teacher is male, they may want or need something else that’s a little more masculine for their classrooms and studios. Here are 20 ideas to get you thinking about the perfect gifts for the male music teachers you know!

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20 Creative Gifts For Male Music Teachers

There are TONS of fun and unique ideas out there that will please any male music teacher. Have a look at this list. And if you still need more ideas, check out our Gifts For Male Teachers gift guide!

Customized Tie Clip

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A simple way to mix music in with their last name. Plus, it’s a functional gift!

Music Teacher Superhero T-Shirt

This t-shirt (in several color options) is sure to make the music teacher in your life chuckle! It’s even appropriate for casual Fridays!

A Thank You Gift Box

If a general gift is more your style, a simple gift box with some sweet treats, a t-shirt, and some survival items will do the trick!

New Lights for their Music Stands

This clip light could easily move from a music stand, to a piano, or to their conductor’s podium!

Personalized Teacher Notepads

Teachers always need paper! Whether it’s for notes, reminders, hall passes, or whatever, this is a useful item!

A Beethoven Engraved Quote Pen

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For the classical music lover, this is a treat! Refillable and refined to look at on a desk.

Custom Portrait from Photo as Yellow Cartoon Character

This artist takes a photo (that you must submit) of your music teacher and creates a cartoon character of them in a music classroom! Something very unique for a music teacher!

A Sign for Music Teacher Drive

This sign is perfect for a classroom, office, or private studio! Black is also a versatile color to match whatever decor they may already have.

Personalized Drumsticks

If your music teacher is a drummer, this is perfect! Personalize these with their name or a favorite phrase – perfect for them to use or display in their studio.

A Custom “I Teach What’s Your Superpower” Clipboard

This completely customizable clipboard would make a perfect gift for the male music teacher in your life!

BOOK: This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession by Daniel J. Levitin

Perfect for music lovers & educators! How do those pesky little jingles get stuck on repeat in our heads? Why do we get attached to certain songs? Find out how music and the brain dance as one in this journey. All is explored in this book…written by a neuroscientist.

iTunes Gift Cards

A simple iTunes gift card can do a lot for a teacher! They can download their own choice of music or apps with a gift card.

A Set of Vintage LP Record Coasters

Fun for the classroom or their home!

James Taylor Vinyl Record Pencil Holder

For the teacher who may have everything, here’s a creative pencil holder that’s perfect for their classroom, studio, piano, or anywhere else they may have small things to store.

A Guitar-Shaped Cutting Board

Is your teacher a guitarist? This would be a perfect addition to their home kitchen!

A Newly Engraved Baton

Perfect for band teachers, choir, or orchestra directors, an engraved baton is something they’ll use or enjoy displaying in their classroom.

GAME: Helvetiq MusicIQ Trivia Game

Perfect for music lovers of all kinds – not just the teachers! They might even find a use for it in their classroom! And if they love musicals, check out this gift guide for musical and theater lovers

Restaurant Gift Cards

Have your student do a little research into what type of food or restaurants that their teacher likes and present them with a gift card to a place they enjoy!

Laser Engraved Magnet

No matter what type of music they teach, they’re still 24/7 musicians!

Musical Chocolate Treats

Design a chocolatey treat for your music teacher.

No matter what you choose to gift your teacher, don’t forget to add a simple note of thanks! Your words of appreciation mean more than you know and are the perfect add-on to anything on the above list. Hope you have had fun shopping for gifts for male music teachers!!

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