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50 Male Teacher Gifts

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Searching for male teacher gift ideas for holidays or the start/end of the school year? This post has you covered!

Men can be hard to shop for! Here are 50 male teacher gifts to inspire, there are definitely ideas in here to pin for later, I won't be stumped again. | Teacher Gifts for Men | Teacher who is a man | Christmas presents for teachers | End of School Gifts | Back to School Gifts | Birthday Gift Idea

If you find yourself wanting to get a gift for your child’s teacher or someone else in the school system, you may find yourself stumped for ideas.  There are a lot of fun ideas out there on Pinterest, but teachers may not appreciate quite all of them.

Tips for Buying Male Teacher Gifts

Before you pick out a male teacher gift, or a female teacher gift, for that matter, take a moment to put yourself in their shoes.  They have 20-30 kids each year, so if even five of them opt for a teacher-themed gift, at Christmas and then again at the end of the year, they will accumulate 10 apple/teacher/ruler bedecked things per year.  Imagine if 10 kids went that route, that would be 20 apple desk ornaments per year.

They’re cute… but quickly become overwhelming.  Here’s an entertaining post titled the Truth About Teacher Gifts, that summarizes the feedback they got from hundreds of teachers.

This advice goes for all teachers, not just male teachers.

Nothing teacher-themed.  I repeat.  Nothing.  No apples.  No rulers.

As another note, keep the sugar in check, especially when it comes to male teachers, as they are likely to get a lot of boxes of chocolates.  Also avoid clothing, as most people like to pick out clothing for themselves.

Ties seem to be a common suggestion, but I would caution against them, if the teacher doesn’t wear a tie to work every day. ย If they are not wearing them 5 days a week, they probably already have a healthy collection of ties that do not get very much use.

Gift Ideas Male Teachers Will Appreciate

Now that we have all of that out of the way, let’s get on to 50 male teacher gifts, that don’t include a scented candle!

Movie gift card

Movie Gift Cards

Movies are a nice night out, at a fairly reasonable price point, which makes them a great teacher gift option.

Male teacher gifts include this bottle opener for sure.  

Best Male Teacher’s Gifts Editor’s Pick

Nickel Plated Personalized Bottle Opener

These luxury class bottle openers will give your teacher something to remember you by. Add their name as Mr. ” “, followed by your graduating class year for a practical and sincere gift idea. These are the kind of gifts male teachers will keep for a lifetime. 

farmer's market gift

Farmer’s Market Gift Card

If summer is coming, consider picking up a farmer’s market gift card for your male teacher.  Farmer’s markets are a fun way to spend a weekend morning, plus the gift cards can be put toward a nice coffee, or a bunch of delicious groceries.

They need to stay hydrated so this male teacher gifts is perfect


Hydroflasks are a fantastic water bottle that keeps beverages cold thanks to their insulated dual-walled structure.

Gourmet Snacks

There’s the classic bag of nachos, or you can step up the game and put together a great bundle of gourmet snacks, which is easy to do with a wander through your local grocery store.

beer and wine are a great choice for male teacher gifts

Beer or Wine

If you know that the teacher would enjoy a nice bottle of wine or case of craft beers, they make a fantastic gift for summer or winter, and you can find something at nearly any price point.

Teachers are always in need of coffee

Coffee Gift Cards

Coffee!  The fuel of the gods, the luxury beverage, the summer and the winter delight.  Pick up a coffee gift card for a local shop, or a national chain so that they can use it while school is in or school is out.

Fugoo Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Fugoo makes awesome waterproof speakers that are very portable – I have two and love them! The waterproof part is a nice durability touch, so teen boys can’t accidentally destroy their new gear.

 Gas Gift Card

Free gas is a great thing to have, for day to day use or for holidays and road trips.  Help a teacher’s bottom line by covering their gas for them.  This is a gift card that won’t go unused (unless of course they don’t have a vehicle!).

With so many choices there's a magazine subscription for every male teacher's interests


Pick up a magazine or two, or a subscription to a magazine that aligns to their interests.  Magazines make for great, easy summer reading.

Grocery Gift Cards (to the Fancy Store)

Teachers in the US don’t have the most extravagant salaries, so pick up a gift card to the fancy grocery store, so they can treat themselves to a bit of luxury.

Restaurant Gift Card

Treat your teacher to the gift of a meal out, perfect for their own celebration, a date night, or just to have a taste of luxury.  You can pick from local restaurants, posh places, or chain restaurants.

Spice Blends

Christmas dips, summer barbecues, and weeknight dinners, they can all benefit from spice mixes.  Grab a selection, or curate one yourself.

iTunes Gift Card

If your teacher uses iPads in the classroom, totes around an iPhone or enjoys music, an iTunes gift card provides a ton of flexibility in the gift giving department.

Help your male teacher stop the spread of germs with some nice hand soap

Liquid Hand Soap

Most female teachers are inundated with soaps and gels, but men don’t get quite as many.

baseball sports gift box

Baseball Gift Basket

Cracker jacks, hot dogs, gourmet mustards (or just fluorescent yellow mustard) and a nice new baseball.  Put together a baseball themed gift basket for the teacher to enjoy.  If you want to splash out, or to do a group gift, consider adding in some NLB tickets.

No one will wanna steal their lunch with this male teacher gifts.

Editor’s Pick Gift for Male Teachers

Insulated Reusable Brown Paper Lunch Bag 

This is an iconic lunch bag your teacher will absolutely love to use everyday! This highly practical and nostalgic lunch bag is insulated, and made from a paper textured material that’s durable.

bbq sauce collection

BBQ Sauce Collection

Summer is for grilling!  Pick up a selection of barbecue sauces, or put together your own set.

Something really unique for a male teacher is BBQ sauce of the month club where he can get new sauces to try every month!

BBQ Sauce of the Month Club

This is a fun “of the month” club, that can be put to use!  Get a one, three, six or twelve month subscription for your male teacher gift.  You can even get the whole class in on the gift, to make it last a long time.

Cooking Gift Basket

We all have to eat.  You can make anything from a pizza gift basket to a pasta gift basket, to a dips and sauces gift basket.  Purchase a pre-made one, or put one together yourself.  You can create a cooking gift basket at nearly any price point, that suits any taste.

Hats rarely go unappreciated, specially with guys


A new ballcap, a fun fedora, a Quiksilver sun hat, pick up a new hat, if your teacher wears them.

This unique ice cube tray will help your chill male teacher chill his cold drinks

Sphere Ice Cube Tray

Summer drinks (and winter drinks) are best on ice.  Sphere ice cubes are the latest way to keep drinks cold longer, while minimizing the amount of water that melts.

clif bars gift for busy teachers

Clif Bars

Clif Bars are more expensive than your average granola bar, but also more delicious and the perfect thing to take with you for lots of activities.  They are fantastic for mountain bikers and road bikers because they don’t crumble while you try to eat them on the go.

After a long day at work give your male teacher the gift of not having to cook dinner

Take Out Gift Card

We covered fancy restaurant gift cards already, but what about a gift card for take out?  Take out cards are great because your dollars go a lot further, so a $10 gift card is still fantastic.  Subway, Chipotle… you name it. One of the best quick and easy gifts for male teachers that you know won’t go to waste! 

hiking first aid kit

Hiking First Aid Kit

These little guys are perfect for stashing in a car, in a desk, oh, and for hiking, too.

moleskine notebook


Notebooks are always helpful for teachers and you can never have too many. Give him something unique with a Moleskine notebook for a fun pick-me-up for the next school year.

Thank You Card

This is one of the most-valued gifts that you can give a teacher: a genuine thank you card.  It can be from the student and from the parent(s).  It can be homemade.  Just make it from the heart and tell them that you appreciate them.   

Smores are a tasty treat that will lift his spirits and help teachers enjoy the summer holidays

S’mores Kit

What a yummy way to spend the summer!

punch card gift idea

Punch Card for a Local Activity, Like the Pool, or Driving Range

Pick up a punch card for the local swimming pool, or for buckets of balls at the driving range, if you know the teacher would enjoy them.  Pool passes are fantastic for people with families, it makes for a great activity.

Summer fun and winter getaways are both covered by giving your male teacher a beach towel and sunscreen combo

Beach Towel & Sunscreen

No one can ever have enough sunscreen!  Pair it with a luxurious beach towel and you’ve got a gift to go for the summer.

Golf pass for male teachers who like to golf as a great gift idea

Golf Pass (if They Like Golf)

Golf is a sport that costs a pretty penny, so on an American teacher’s salary it can be difficult to afford.  Buy a round at a local golf course for them.

Car Wash Tokens or Car Detailing Gift Card

Grab some car wash tokens, or splash out (see what I did there?) and opt for a car detailing gift card.

This would be great for a teacher to keep in his classroom desk just in case


There are so many places that a multi tool can come in handy.  They’re great for classrooms, and cars, and camping, and sports.

A great year-end gift idea for male teachers! Ice cream is always a welcomed treat.

Ice Cream Gift Card

Bring on the celebration of summer with a gift card to an ice cream shop!  This is another case where a $10 gift card can go a decently long way (unless of course they choose to opt for all the glorious toppings on a triple scoop, in which case it will be one glorious ice cream concoction).

Poo Pourri

Have you ever tried this stuff?  It’s pretty nifty.

Target Gift Card

Target is wonderfully diverse in its product offerings, from clothes, to household goods, to school supplies, it provides a lot of flexibility for the teacher and how they use their gift.

Bicycle Multi-tool

If your teacher bikes, buy them a slick new bicycle multi tool.  Crankbrothers make some great ones.

sunscreen for male teachers

Sunscreen & Bug Spray

Do you live somewhere that bugs are a problem?  Knock some summer shopping off their list by purchasing some bug spray and some sunscreen as a gift.

This male teacher gifts will let them eat ice cream, not cake.

Ice Cream Sundae Kit

I think this is all quite self-evident, and quite delicious!

Teachers can use book store gift cards to buy stuff for themselves, improve their skills, or stock the classroom.

Book Store Gift Card

Many teachers enjoy reading, especially over their breaks.  Other teachers stock their classrooms with their own books, so a book store gift card will give them lots of options.

magnetic poetry set

Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic poetry is fun and comes in many different versions, some of which are highly entertaining.

Massage Gift Certificate

A massage gift certificate makes for a wonderful way to unwind after a school year or a school semester.

Pedicure Gift Certificate

Not all men are up for pedicures, but those that try them love them!

Teachers have limited budgets, help offset those costs by gifting school supplies

School Supplies

Many schools have programs or work with sites like Adopt a Classroom, to identify school supply and material needs.  Stick to things that the school has specifically requested, or ask the teacher if there is anything that they could use.

Teachers have a lot of writing to do so give him a Parker Pen to make it that much more enjoyable

Parker Pen

The Parker Pen is a glorious writing instrument, which makes it a glorious gift.

sketch pad

Strathmore Sketch Pad

For the teacher with even a slight artistic bent, the Strathmore sketch pad makes a wonderful gift, filled with high quality sketching paper.

This male teacher gifts is perfect for a superhero fan.

Editors Choice Gift for Male Teachers

Marvel Thor Ceramic Mug

If you really want to make your teacher feel like a superhero, grab one of these superhuman mugs! Modeled after Thor’s hammer, your teacher will feel like the hero of his classroom. Superhero gifts are great for male teachers, especially something practical and fun!

Theatre tickets album

Theatre Tickets

If the teacher has expressed some interest in the theatre, gift them a pair of tickets to a production this summer.  It could be anything from a community show to the latest Broadway touring show. You could also get him a gift that stores his theatre ticket stubs, like this album.

Festival Tickets

Does your area have some great festivals?  Perhaps you have run into this teacher at one in the past?  If they have expressed interest in attending a festival, pick up a pair of passes as a gift.

No matter the season astronaut ice cream will never melt! Guys love novelty food gifts.

Astronaut Ice Cream

This stuff is pretty cool.  You’ll probably have to get some for your kid, too, if you get some for their teacher.

Packing school lunches for himself will become a lot easier with this container.

Locking Glass Lunch Containers

Locking glass lunch containers are the creme de la creme of containers, but they cost a pretty penny.  That makes them a great gift idea, though!

Cash & a Card

Have you ever been upset when you received cash?  Nope.  Me either.

While it may seem like it lacks a personal touch, it is always a welcome gift.  The teacher might be putting it toward a fun trip, something they have been saving up to buy, or just to help pay for groceries throughout the summer.

Take some time to get to know your child’s teacher, perhaps even send them a fun quiz, to get some ideas about what they like.  Once you know, get them something related to their hobby.  It could be a biking magazine, or some chain lube, or a multi tool, or some spare bike tubes, for example.

Socks (I Know, I Know But We All Wear Socks)

Yup.  Get’em some socks.  Hiking socks, biking socks, gym socks, fun patterned socks.  Socks are pretty easy to observe, and we all wear socks!!

Itzhak Perlman Teaches Violin

Does he love music? If so let him order a MasterClass and learn how to play the violin. Or check out all the other Masterclasses from cooking food, workshop and more. 

Creation Crate Classroom 

If your teachers love to teach science and how things work, consider a Creation Crate. Loaded with fun activities and things to help him to teach his students in a fun and hands-on way. 

Editor’s Choice Male Teacher Gift

Cigar and Flask holder

Summer’s just around the corner! Show your favorite teacher how much he deserves a relaxing day on the gold course with this classy cigar and flask holder. Better yet, it can be personalized with his name or homeroom. 

Aroma Insulated Coffee Mugs

Being around kids all day leads you to need that energy boost to keep up. Here is a great idea for giving him a gift he can use regularly. Whether he sips on tea or coffee. 

There you have it, 50 male teacher gifts that are perfect for holidays, the end of the school year, or just to show you care.

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