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20 Gifts for Someone About to Move

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It is natural and important to give someone a going away present when they are about to move—a colleague taking a job out of town, a friend moving to be closer to family, or a family member leaving for university. The trick is the mover often doesn’t have a lot of room or time to enjoy gifts; think portable and practical. Here are 20 gifts for someone who is about to move:

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The Best Gifts and Must-Haves for Someone Who’s Moving

Moving is super stressful and a lot of work. All these gifts are either practical or pick-me-ups to make things easier and more fun. If you’re about to move, these gift ideas are also great items to pick up for yourself to lighten the load!

Packing cube system

Packing Cubes

This gift may be of service during the move or small enough to not get in the way. These cubes help keep things organized in suitcases.

Compression bags as gift ideas for someone about to move

Compression Bags

These compression bags don’t need a vacuum to operate, shrink the contents, and keep things waterproof.

Vapur bottle moving day accessory

Vapur Bottle

This roll-able water bottle is super convenient. I take mine hiking and camping and roll it up for an airplane carry-on to fill up after security.

mini notebook


Lots of notes and lists are required throughout a move. A purse-sized notebook is essential for someone about to move.

Customized packing labels for someone who's moving

Customized Packing Labels

This packing tape is customized for easy labeling. Just stick them on and you’re good to go.

Berenstain Bears Moving Day book

Berenstain Bears Moving Day

This book is a fun way to introduce kids to the concept of moving and keep the whole family entertained along the way.

Sharpie markers as thoughtful gifts for people packing and moving

Sharpie Markers

Sharpies in an assortment of colors make for fun packing labels and have an array of uses after the move.

Snack bread


This tasty bread can save for a while, but most likely will be eaten so fast that it will not make the move.

Protein bar snacks for moving day

Protein Bars

Coming in all sorts of flavors, protein bars are a helpful addition to keep everyone going. Be sure to consider food preferences and allergies in the selection.

Memory scrapbook


Whether you leave the scrapbook empty or start to fill in the pages with happy memories, a scrapbook is a great way to document life before and after a move.

Roll Up Reusable Shopping Bags

Roll Up Reusable Shopping Bags

These are great for stuffing in purses or back bags, so they never forget a shopping bag. These bags shrink down very easily.



No matter the season, flowers will always liven up a space. The perfect thing is that they are a gift that will be easy to leave behind once the move commences.

Map of the new community for someone who is moving soon

Streetwise Map

It would be very helpful for them to get an overview of the new city. Nothing beats an old fashion paper map when cell coverage is spotty or you need to get a mental lay of the land.

Newcomers Handbook

Newcomers Handbook

Find a newcomer’s handbook to their new city. This will be a helpful resource in all stages of the move.

Stationary for letter writing


Nice stationary will allow them to write notes to send back to friends and family and is very portable.

Portable Charger for moving

Portable Charger

This compact portable charger is great for charging phones, Ipods, or even laptops on trips or when power outlets are not readily available.



In winter, you can never go wrong with an extra pair of slippers. Slippers can keep them warm while waiting for the rugs to come in or moving boxes in breeze areas.

Key Chains for new keys

Key Chains

From a practical carabineer to a cute stuffed animal, key chains are essential in a move.

Dolly for moving heavy items


A small rolling dolly will be handy for small rearrangements of furniture to large moves.

Robotic Vacuum

Robotic Vacuum

Moves involve lots of cleaning often on both ends of the process. A robotic vacuum can help lighten the workload.

Pair these gifts for someone about to move with a helping hand and your friend or family member will be singing your praises all the way to their new home—many hands make light work.

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