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20 Gifts for The 1940s (Decade)

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I have made a list of terrific gifts for the 1940s that you must see! The 1940s were a time of great historical significance – advances in technology, pop culture, and fashion. Post-war expansion and the “baby boom,’ memorable music and hairstyles, and so many other historic moments make many people wax nostalgic over the era. Here are some ideas to thrill someone who is in love with the 1940s!

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Unique Gifts For The 1940s Decade

All of these gifts are unique, retro and fun! Have a look and you might even find some items for yourself. 

Retro Candy Gift Box

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Candy is a simple way to revisit the past!

Rosie the Riveter T-Shirt

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Rosie is just as iconic now as she was then when the poster made its debut.

MOVIE: Meet Me in St. Louis

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Judy Garland, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” and “The Trolley Song” – all in one musical film!

The Original Slinky

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This toy was fresh on the market in the 1940s!

Men’s Rockabilly Button Down Shirt

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These simple shirts make great costumes or casual attire.

Kit-Cat Clock

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These clocks were classic home decor in the 1940s.

Coca-Cola Retro Designed Mini Fridge

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This mini fridge, modeled after a vintage vending machine, is a great way to display and enjoy your modern beverages.

BOOK: American Cars of the 1940s

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A little something for the car enthusiasts!

Retro Sweetheart Brooch

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Brooches like these were often received by the sweethearts of servicemen overseas.

Big Band Music

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Big bands were super popular during this decade! Big bands played for all of that swing dancing that was happening during the 1940s!

Coca-Cola Vintage Tin Sign

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Vintage tin signs like these were often hung in diners and ice cream shops!

MOVIE: Casablanca

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This romantic drama went on to win the Academy Award and is still well-known today!

Vintage Mirror Tray

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Another signature piece of (almost) mid-century decor.

Patterned Swing Dress

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A-line dresses like these were popular because of their form-fitting and colorful design! Still quite popular today in 2018!

Vogue Picture Records

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Records like these weren’t necessarily meant to play, but instead used as home decor.

Silly Putty

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This toy was released in the 1940s and it is still sold today.

MOVIE: It’s a Wonderful Life

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Another signature film of the 1940s – still a holiday tradition for many people!

It’s A Wonderful Life Scene Guide

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A scene guide for the classic film, breaking it down scene by scene with extra context and history.

BOOK: The Grapes of Wrath

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This classic Steinbeck novel responds to the plight of migrant workers and others affected by the Great Depression.

DVD: The Decade You Were Born – the 1940s

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Sometimes a little flashback film covering the historic moments and signature music of the decade is all you need!

What would help you reminisce about the 40s? 

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