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20 Gift Ideas for Liveaboard Sailors

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You have to see these gift ideas for liveaboard sailors! Each one is fantastic and perfect for the sailor in your life. If someone you know is a liveaboard sailor and you want to get them something special for whatever reason, you have come to just the right place. Finding a lovely gift for someone who lives on their sailboat may not be the easiest task, but there sure are many options to choose from. Some of them are just plain fun!

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Terrific Gift Ideas For Liveaboard Sailors

Each gift idea is unique, thoughtful, and awesome!

Personalized Name Wooden Anchor

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This personalized name wooden anchor would be a great piece of decor for them to have in the liveable part of the sailboat.

Custom Text Nautical Hat

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A perfect captain hat that is also customizable and can keep the sun out of their eyes better.

Custom Foam Boat Bed for Small Pets

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If they live aboard with their small dog, they definitely need this custom foam boat bed for their furry friend.

“Lake Life” Pontoon Window Decal

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For a liveaboard sailor who loves the lake, a “Lake life” pontoon window decal for the window of their boat is a great way to share their love of lakes with the world.

Boat Cleat Pull

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The fact that the boat cleat pull comes in many colors means that your liveaboard sailor friend can have the one that is their favorite!

Compass Sign

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Another great piece of decor that they can put up in their sailboat, to remind them of all the adventures they are having and will have in the future.

“Following the wind” Shirt

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Sometimes being a liveaboard sailor means following the wind.

“Home is where the anchor drops” Mug

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For them, home is wherever their anchor drops.

Fish Garland

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This fish garland can go up in their home on the boat or wherever they choose to put it.

“Quit whining & start winching” Metal Sign

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A good reminder for all who choose to go sailing with your favorite liveaboard sailor!

“Go where the wind takes you” Bracelet

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Remind them to go wherever the wind takes them and to have fun while doing so, with this bracelet.

Key Fob Wristlet with Lighthouses, Anchors, and Boat Steering Wheels

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What better place to keep their keys than on a key fob wristlet that has lighthouses, anchors, and steering wheels on it?

Ernest Hemingway Hunting Shirt

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If they are into Ernest Hemingway, they will love wearing this shirt as they sail.

“I love my sailor” and “I love my mermaid” Matching Mugs

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When it is a couple that is both liveaboard sailors, they definitely need these awesome mugs to drink their coffee from!

“Boat hair, don’t care” Tank Top

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Because if they have boat hair, they really don’t care! Boats are their life!

“You can’t control the wind, but you can adjust the sails” Shot Glass

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Although they can’t control what the wind dishes out, they can and do adjust their sails.

Custom Text Captain Hat

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Personalize this actual captain’s hat with their name, and they are set!

“Think like a captain, act like a pirate” Shirt

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While they may want to think like a captain, they may actually be acting like a pirate.

“Gotta mouth like a sailor” Mug

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They have a mouth like a sailor because they are a sailor.

Men’s Anchor Ring

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Jewelry sometimes makes the best gifts, like this anchor ring for men!

Finding a gift for a liveaboard sailor shouldn’t be a hard task, which is why this list makes things much easier and gives you unique gift ideas for them!

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