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20 Gifts for a Zumba Instructor

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Zumba has been all the rage for the past 4 years and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down with more and more varieties being offered and taught at gyms everywhere! If you need any gifts for a zumba instructor, I’m your gal. My mom has been an instructor for the past 3 years so I know what every zumba instructor needs! We also have gift ideas for your personal trainer too. 

These are super fun gift ideas for my Zumba instructor! She's made such a difference in my life, I love her. | Coach Thank You Gifts | Thank You Gift Ideas | Gym Gifts | Presents for Instructors


If They Dance Up A Storm…

Check out this list!

Music & Shake Tank

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Sassy motivational tanks are the status quo for an instructor here’s a cute option for yours!

Class Tracker Stickers

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This is such a unique idea, to help you instructor keep track on her calendar when she or he teaches these stickers make the perfect reminder!

Sweat Like a Pig Poster

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If inspirational quotes is your instructor’s thing ( I mean who doesn’t love inspiration?) then this is such addition to their gym space or home. If you need more gift ideas for their gym space, check out this list

Zumba Hair Set

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Let’s face it, no one likes sweaty and hair mixing together. So these zumba hair ties and bands are perfect or any instructor to rock.

Monogrammed Sweat Towel

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Sweat is just a by factor of working hard but that doesn’t mean you can’t wipe it in style.

Zumba Dance Shoe

These shoes are what gifts for a zumba instructor are made of.

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These shoes are a surefire way to get any instructor giddy.

Express Yourself Bracelets

gifts for a zumba instructor include these bracelets.

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These sassy bracelets are perfect to flash around while teaching class.

Zumba Pumped Up Pullover

This gifts for a zumba instructor is sure to pump them up!

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A cute and functional piece for any zumba lover.

Aqua Zumba Swimsuit

This gifts for a zumba instructor will help them do aquatics!

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Bright, funky and totally covers up everything that needs to be to teach aqua zumba. Things get hotter under the water!

Zumba Cruizn Shorts

This gifts for a zumba instructor is super cute!

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These shorts are perfect for walking from the locker room to the pool, your instructor will love the soft feel and americana design!

Zumba Bandanas

This gifts for a zumba instructor will keep her from sweating to the oldies.

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If your instructor is like my mom, bandanas are an essential part of her instructor ensemble and she sweats through them faster than a baby goes through diapers. So extra bandanas are always a plus.

Zumba Instructor Zip Up

This gifts for a zumba instructor will help her zipup in style.

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Can this zip up be a mandatory part of any instructors uniform?

Portable Speaker

This portable speaker is perfect for gifts for a zumba instructor.

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Speakers are a must and some locations just don’t carry them so instructors have to bring their own. Gifting one could be a life saver for instructors in a crunch.

Belly Dance Hip Scarf

This gifts for a zumba instructor will have her shaking it all night long!

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Sometimes to mix it up a belly dance scarf adds a jingle into the class!

Water bottle with an Infuser

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Water is extremely important for our bodies, and even more vital when we work out! Why not add some pep into your glass with a fruit infuser?

Gym Bag

This gifts for a zumba instructor will help her pack her stuff for the studio in style!

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Update your instructors bag with one of these for a functional and still cute necessity. If they need something a little more classy, check out our list of cute bags here

Nike Sneakers

These sneakers are perfect for gifts for a zumba instructor.

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Light weight,multi-use and easy to wear in and out of the gym these are a great sneaker choice.

Snap Back Hat

This gifts for a zumba instructor will help keep them from having bad hair days.

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This snap back is a gorgeous way to transition from sweaty gym to out and about!

Zumba Harem Pants

These cozy pants are ideal for gifts for a zumba instructor.

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The design on these are so cute they’ll be hard to resist!

Zumba Shaker Bottle

This gifts for a zumba instructor will help your instructor hit their macros!

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This shaker bottle is perfect for a pre-workout drink or a post-workout shake!

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