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Grilled Cheese Gifts You Probably Want to Own Right Now

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Grilled Cheese is a gift to us that we should take very seriously. Here are some grilled cheese related items and accessories for gifts or yourself.

Delicious and gooey grilled cheese awesomeness. These will make rad birthday presents for guys and gals. Yummmm.

1. Toaster Bags:

Make a grilled cheese without a pan or grill – make it in the toaster! Put your non-grilled cheese into one of these bags and pop it in the toaster!

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2. Peanuts Grilled Cheese Maker:

Put Snoopy and Woodstock on your sandwich for the ultimate Peanuts grilled cheese!

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3. Grilled Cheese Award:

Give a customized award to your friend who is a grilled cheese master!

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4. Diablo Sandwich Maker:

We all have a friend who is a bit devilish and loves grilled cheese – this is for them.

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5. Shaped Food Cutter Set:

Cut your grilled cheese into cool shapes in style with this fun set!

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6. Grilled Cheese Child Costume:

Bless a child or small adult in your life with this beautiful grilled cheese costume they can wear everyday.

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7. Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker:

Hello Kitty wants to make you a grilled cheese sandwich, so you can’t say no.

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8. Sesame Street Sandwich Maker:

If Hello Kitty isn’t good enough for you, try Sesame Street!

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9. Kitchenaid Short Turner:

Gotta have the basics, and this basic is great quality!

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10. I Believe in Grilled Cheese Garden Flag:

Put this in your garden to show the world and the squirrels your grilled cheese love.

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11. Grilled Cheese Magnet:

A cute retro grilled cheese looking for a home with you.

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12. Grilled Cheese Shop Sign:

You never knew you needed a grilled cheese sign…who am I kidding, you did.

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13. I Love Grilled Cheese Mug:

People who love coffee probably love grilled cheese, so get them this mug.

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14. Grilled Cheese Ornament:

Don’t limit this to Christmastime, an ornament is a great year round decoration, especially when it’s cheese.

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15. I Love Grilled Cheese Bumper Sticker:

Put this on your fridge, car, shirt, face, who cares?

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16. Griddle:

Everyone needs a classic grilled cheese griddle!

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17. Grilled Cheese Fixes Everything Keychain:

The best key chain is a grilled cheese key chain.

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18. Grilled Cheese Snacks:

These look interesting and possibly yummy, so give them a try and see if they are a good substitute for actual grilled cheese.

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19. Will Work for Grilled Cheese Apron:

A great apron to wear while making grilled cheese!

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20. Grilled Cheezus:

Holy cheese, this is a cool sandwich press! Put the face of Jesus on all of your grilled cheeses.


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