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How To Host An Adult Easter Egg Hunt

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When it comes to Easter, adults want to have fun as well! These simple tips will show you just how easy it is to host an adult Easter Egg Hunt!

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Every year when Easter rolls around, it seems like the kids are the ones that are super stoked and excited for it to be here. But what about all the adults who want to join in on the fun as well? The good news is that there is always a way to include everyone in joining in on the fun!

With just a few simple tips and ideas, you’ll find out that it’s crazy simple to host an adult Easter Egg Hunt as well!

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How To Host An Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Get ready to have fun because hosting an adult Easter Egg hunt is just that!

Decide how physical you want the Easter Egg Hunt to be. 

Let’s be a bit truthful…adults may not have the stamina as the young kids do, so deciding just how big or spread out you’re going to make the Easter Egg hunt is important. Will it be in a backyard? At the local tavern? Or just randomly spread around the house? No matter where you decide to have it make certain that you book it in advance if need be!

Communicate With Everyone That This is for Adults ONLY

Adults at an adult Easter egg hunt

This is important. Many people see the words “Easter Egg Hunt” and automatically associate it with kids. When you invite someone, either verbally or written, you need to reiterate that this is for adults ONLY. No kids allowed.

Choose Appropriate Gifts for Adults to Have Hiding in the Eggs

Broken egg filled with treats

While candy may be a motivator to some adults, it more than likely isn’t to the majority. Having an adult Easter Egg Hunt means that you can spruce up the gifts a bit and make them more age-appropriate. Think money, gift cards, denture cream….you get where we’re going with this.

We’ve even seen people be creative enough to have hidden beers and wine coolers around the yard as well. If it’s for the adults-only, your options can be endless!

Try some of these fun prize ideas:

Make Rules for the Adults to Follow

Sign that says please stay on the path

Yes, even adults will need to have some sort of rules and boundaries. You’ll be amazed by the competitiveness that comes out of the adults, especially once they find out that there are prizes. Make up a list of rules to protect them, and you, and then communicate those rules to everyone who participates.

Add Some Fun to It and Have the Adult Easter Egg Hunt on a Time Limit

Stopwatch timing an adult easter egg hunt

You don’t have all day to wait around for them to find everything, right? Spice it up a bit and set a timer on the Easter Egg Hunt. It’ll be a fun motivation and twist to see just how fast they can go. Once you’ve got all of your supplies and prizes in order, don’t forget about treats! 

Remember to Have Fun

Friends having fun at an adult Easter egg hunt

There’s just something fun and amazing about getting to be able to find the time to spend with some of your closest adults friends. Between all the business of life and obligations, adults often put themselves on the back burner and forget about letting loose.

Planning an Adult Easter Egg Hunt is the perfect way to add a bit of excitement into the lives of your older family and friends. Share a little bit of interesting history, and some surprising origins for the symbolic Easter Egg and why they play such a big role in the season! 

Just be following and implementing these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to hosting an epic adult Easter Egg Hunt. Your friends will have a blast, and you’ll love watching them all run about.

And just remember…Easter happens every single year so you’ll have another chance next year to do this all over again! Now that you know how to host an adult Easter egg hunt, it can be a new tradition!

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