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20 Gift Ideas for Zookeepers

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Do you know any zookeepers or wanna be zookeepers? Stuck on a gift idea? Check out the following ideas that keep their jobs and interests in mind.

I love these gift ideas for zookeepers! I want to decorate with #18. It will be a perfect birthday gift!


Gift Ideas for Zookeepers

“Zookeeper on board” Decal Sticker

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An awesome decal sticker for their vehicle so they can let all the road traffic know how important they are.

Tote Bag

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Tote bags are great for the environmentally conscious and are super useful. This one is an adorable design for the zookeeper who loves baked goods.

Lego Figurine

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It’s hard not to like this cute little lego zookeeper with a pet monkey and a lego banana.

A Zookeeper’s Notebook

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This notebook is both a journal and a puzzle book with something different to entertain on every page.

Cookie Cutter Set

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Does your zookeeper love to bake? Encourage them with this cookie cutter set in the shape of zoo animals.

Inflatable Zoo Animal Balloons

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Balloons go a long way to brighten up anyone’s day. These zoo animal balloons are cheerful and fun.

Zookeeper Hat

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The “this is my zookeeper costume” hat is funny and true!

Giraffe Salt & Pepper Holder

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The sitting giraffe salt and pepper shaker is a gorgeous addition to the zookeeper’s dining table.

Elephant Key Rack

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It’s super handy to keep your keys in one place. This elephant key rack will fit right by the door.

Lion Art Poster

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This gorgeous lion poster is a great way to add colour to any wall.

Tiger Wine Bottle Holder

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A great gift for the zoo-keeping wine connoisseur, make sure to include a bottle of their favourite!

Penguin Cocktail Shaker

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For the cocktail fan, this penguin cocktail shaker is absolutely adorable.

Zebra Candy Jar

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This ceramic zebra jar awaits filling with the zookeeper’s favourite sweet treats.

Crocodile Toilet Paper Holder

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Add a bit of zoo flair to their bathroom with this wall mounted crocodile toilet paper holder.

Planet Zoo Animal Wall Decal

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This wall decal features a collection of zoo animals wandering the globe. Ready to stick on to any bare wall.

Rhino Book Ends

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Decorative rhino book ends will look perfectly at home in a safari themed living room.

Zoo Animal Fondant Mold

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This silicone sugar craft mold will help bakers create the best zoo themed decorations for their cakes.

Safari Animal Throw Pillow

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An elegant and classy safari pillow is a lovely gift.

Zookeeper Mug

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“Have you hugged a zookeeper today?” Incase anyone needed the reminder.

“Trust me, I’m a Zookeeper” Pin

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This small zookeeper pin makes a wonderful stocking stuffer or secret santa gift.

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