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Mother’s Day Gifts Under $10

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Look at you big spender. A whole ten bucks on the woman who gave birth to you? Just kidding, that’s all my mom’s getting too. Here’s some Mother’s Day gifts that make it look like you’re still a loving kid all for under $10.

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Thoughtful Gifts For Mother’s Day That Cost Less Than $10

Budget friendly gifts for Mother’s Day don’t have to be cheap; there are plenty of thoughtful gift ideas out there that mom will love for less than $10. Here’s some ideas to help with your Mother’s Day shopping.

White coffee mug with black font that says "1. mom is always right 2/ if mom is wrong see rule #1."

Really Accurate Mug

You know and she knows that mom is always right. Now she can remind them as she sips her morning coffee.

Mother's Day Gifts Under $10: Black coffee warmer.

Mug Warmer

You know who’s coffee always gets cold? A mom’s. Get her a mug warmer so she can keep it toasty warm as she does a thousands things other than enjoying a cup of coffee.

photo frame gift for mom that's under $10

Picture Frames

There’s a lot of choices for frames out there so get something you think she’ll like. Make sure to put in a photo of you two together, yourself, or maybe the grand kids.

Mother's Day Gifts Under $10: Yellow box that says Burt's Bees essential Burt's bees kit with various lotions, creams, and lip chap.

Beauty Products

If you don’t know what kind of stuff mom uses (and most of us don’t) get something like this gift set so she can pamper herself.

White flour sack towels with black photos of various kitchen stuff and black font.

Flour Sack Towel

Lots of choices so your mom will have something as unique as she is. What’s great about getting something handmade is it’s not going to be something everyone else has.

Box for infuser water bottle and infuser bottle beside it with strawberries in it.

Infuser Water Bottle

It’s notoriously hard for moms to make the time for, or spend the money on, self care. Something thoughtful like this water bottle is a great gift idea, especially for a mom who has everything.

Black pillow with white font that says MOM I am so blessed with all you do you love & kindness will guide me through forever thankful to have you as a mom you are the most wonderful one.

Mom Pillow

The comfiest way to say “Happy Mother’s Day” you can get for under $10.

Pink book with white font that says MOM appreciation book. with white of a girl and boy handing their mom gifts.

The Mom Appreciation Book

Hello, have you appreciated your mom lately? Well maybe getting an entire book dedicated to appreciating one of the most important women in your life would be a good start.

Bracelet, blue and white ropes with silver charms that say LOVE MOM and two hearts.

Mom Bracelet

It’s fashionable and comes in a trendy colour. Much better than those tacky beaded bracelets you made for her as a kid.

White coloring book with birds and birdhouses some colored and some not with font in the middle that says Love you mom the gift of coloring.

Anti-Stress Coloring Book

This adult coloring book is made especially for moms. Give her some time to relax with it or come by with a bottle of wine and color together.

mother's day I love you necklace

Love Necklace

This makes a great gift from a baby or child to mom. She’ll appreciate that is says “I love you” and will probably cherish it always.

Showing the bottom of both black socks with white font that says on one If you can read this, and on the other sock it says bring me some wine.

Wine Socks

If your mom is like my mom then she’s definitely going to enjoy wearing these socks.

Two silver braclets with LOVE beads on them and half a heart on each one, one saying mother and the other saying daughter, when placed together they form a heart.

Mother Daughter Gift

There’s a little gift for the both of you with this one. Or grab this for your adult daughter and wife as a special double Mother’s Day surprise.

Woman wearing a brown flowered apron.


When was the last time mom got an apron? Or maybe she doesn’t have one at all! There’s lots of cute designs out there for less than $10.

Wooden background with concrete letters that spell ANY WORD

Concrete Letters

These mini concrete letters are so cute and mom is absolutely going to love them. They can really fit in with any decor style, too. If your budget is only $10 you can order “MOM”, or splurge on a longer message if you can swing it.

Hidden message candle, white candle with beads that say I LOVE YOU, all different colored beads.

Hidden Message Candle

She’ll think it’s just an ordinary candle… Until she burns it to reveal the hidden message.

Light blue infinity scarf with cherry blossom trees and birds all over it.


Mother’s Day is in May so get mom a light scarf to compliment her spring wardrobe.

Red and grey oven mitts with personlized white font on them.

Personalized Oven Mitt

If mom likes to bake, she’ll love this personalized oven mitt. What’s better is if she then uses it to bake goodies for you.

Round wooden sign engraved with hearts and font that says our first mother's day mummy & Eleanor 2023

Wooden Sign

Something from the kids, maybe! Mom will appreciate it even more because it’s personalized.

fillable recipe cookbook blank

Family Cookbook

Get those family recipes corralled in one place with this keepsake. Maybe even pre-fill a few of your own favourite recipes before handing it over.

Hopefully you find some great ideas for Mother’s day gifts under $10 that your mom will love. Just remember that whatever you get mom for Mother’s Day, even if you are on a budget, that it comes from the heart. She’ll love anything from her kids!


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