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20 Sensational Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your New Girlfriend

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and just like the rest of the coupled up lovebirds, you’re probably on a mad dash for a special something for your special someone. Even if you’ve been dating for years, gift giving still carries a bit of anxiousness when it comes to your partner, but even more so for something fresh and new! You want to impress! You want to woo! And we’ve got you covered with these awesome gift ideas for your new girlfriend!

Not sure what to do, because you're relationship is so new? This list of Valentine's Day gifts for your new girlfriend will take the stress away.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your New Girlfriend

Movie Night In A Bucket

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You could totally DIY this, but for those in a bit of a time crunch or just not the diy type this Etsy seller has got your back! Candy, popcorn, and soda, pretty much what makes any movie night go from meh to amazing! This is perfect of a laid-back girl or just for a more intimate night in, especially during these harsh winter months!

Custom Box Light

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If your girl is usually found watching a Youtube Beauty Guru or just up with the trends she’ll definitely appreciate this gift. Not only is it totally on trend it’s also romantic! Who wouldn’t want to kill 2 birds with one stone?

Love, But First Coffee Mug

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For anyone that loves coffee this is the perfect gift for them! Sentimental but functional, this is great for the practical gal who can’t get through the day without a cup of Joe. Maybe add a bag of her favorite coffee or K-cup box for an extra touch!

Valentine’s Day Succulent

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For the plant lover in your life this is such a sweet way to add to their current love affair (aside from you!). This succulent arrives wrapped in burlap in a cute and wonderfully decorated box. Even if she isn’t great with plants succulents are pretty indestructible so they’re a great introductory plant as well!

Champagne Candle

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Candles have been making  comeback into a girls list of homey essentials and if she loves a little bit of bubbly then check this off your list as the perfect gift! Who wouldn’t want to have a cheeky glass whenever they wanted? With this candle they’re just one match away from it!

Just Love Critter Robe

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I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t mind a new fuzzy and totally adorable robe like this one! The perfect gift to get your gf totally cute and cuddly!


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Journaling has come back and it’s hot! Grab your girlfriend a sweet journal like this for her to write her wishes, dreams and desires in. Include a nifty pen too so she can get started right away.

Heart Elbow Patch Knit

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Let her know she’s to your heart but giving her one (or two)! This pull over is not only super comfy but super on trend with the elbow patches.

Camp Baseball Tee


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If she has ever attended camp, worked at a camp or just loves the idea of camp grab her this baseball tee! Relaxed in fit and with a great print this tee is a sweet deal.

Star Wars Art Print Set Yoda Office Wall Art


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If your girlfriend is into Star Wars then let the force be with you to buy this amazing wall art set! Unique and a totally conversation starter this is a great gift to give your Princess Leia!

Babygirl Baseball cap


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Let everyone know she’s your “babygirl” by buying her this super sweet cap! Embroidered and minimal its the perfect accessory to any weekend outfit.

White Marble Pattern Mac Cover

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If you see her laptop game is a bit weak pick it up with this awesome Mac cover. Sleek and minimal it’s a great gift for any girl on the go.

Fred and Friends Sloth Tea Diffuser

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This is a handy gift for a girl who loves her tea morning,noon and night. Who wouldn’t want their tea being made in a friendly little sloth?

Globe Reusable Tote

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If she’s eco-friendly and has a bit of wanderlust in her this bag is perfect for her! Whether its to grab a few groceries or just to carry her wallet and other essentials, this bag is great to show her you care.

Natural Bath Bombs

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Vegan and totally romantic give this to your gf and maybe share a bath or two with her! These bath bombs are a great way to pamper without the price of a real spa, she’s happy and so is your wallet!.

Fingerless Heart Gloves

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Need a  sweet way to keep her warm? These gloves are perfect to keep you close by, and keep her hands warm when you can’t!

Cat Lover Tee

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If your lady is a cat lover she needs this tee shirt pronto!

“You’re like, really pretty” Makeup bag

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Let her know you think she’s, like, really pretty! If she loves her makeup and doesn’t seem to have the space to put it anywhere this bag is nifty for travel or just storage!

“Let’s Cuddle” throw blanket

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Drop a hint or two with this adorable throw blanket!

“My Girl” Pillow

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Let her know she’s your girl by buying her this sweet pillow! Neutral and minimal it’s the perfect addition to any cozy corner.

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