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Seinfeld Gift Ideas

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If the dingo ate your baby or you can’t get someone to sell you soup, this list of gifts is for you. If you know someone who enjoys the Seinfeld show then they will love these gifts listed below. Lots of great gifts that can be used for holidays, birthdays, anniversary gifts and so much more. It is a great list of gifts.

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Seinfeld Gift Ideas To Brighten Their Day

Seinfeld Apartment Floor Plan Print

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You can’t live in the Seinfeld apartment, but you sure can decorate yours with the authentic floor plan

Little Kicks Tee

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Get your kicks with this fun tee

Seinfeld Laptop Stickers

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If you’re “feelin good all the time,” decorate your phone or laptop with these Seinfeld stickers

George Costanza Mug

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This mug will really wake you up

Festivus Miracle Onsie

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Celebrate your very own little Festivus miracle with this unique baby onsie

Seinfeld TV Pilot Script

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Relive the first episode with this collectible reprinted autographed pilot script.

Hello, Newman Doormat

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Newman is not welcome in this house, but you sure are

No Soup for You Spoon

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NO SOUP FOR YOU…well, okay, you can have some, but you have to eat it with this hand stamped spoon

Seinfeld Prayer Candles

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Only light when truly needed

Seinfeld Socks

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Wear your heart on your socks with this killer Seinfeld themed socks

Serenity Now Tank Top

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We all need SERENITY NOW

Seinfeld Magnets

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Decorate your fridge with these handmade Seinfeld magnets

Seinfeld Quotes Wine Charms

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Start off your Seinfeld marathon right with these hilarious wine charms with quotes from the show

Thirsty Pretzel Pin

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If the pretzels are making you thirsty, you might need this pin

Sponge-worthy Hat

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Please gift this to the spongeworthy person in your life, whether or not they love Seinfeld

Seinfeld Sweatshirt

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The only thing better than watching Seinfeld is watching it in this cozy sweatshirt

I Can’t Spare a Square Embroidery Hoop

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When you don’t have a square to spare you need this home decor

Seinfeld Magnetic Poetry

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A fun party game or just decoration for your fridge, this pack includes magnets with all the best Seinfeld quotes

Kramer’s License Plate

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If you, too, are an ass man, you need this for your home

The Sea Was Angry Print

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Look, the sea was angry that day my friends, and also, this poster is killer wall art.

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