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Best Gift Ideas for Paramedics and First Responders

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Gifts For First Responders

There are quite a few who are not only first on the scene, but first in a lot of people’s hearts and this group is often pretty tough to shop for. If you’ve got a first responder in your life and you’ve been wracking your brain trying to figure out what you’re going to get for that special someone on the next big occasion, you can rest easy now because I have you covered!

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A Rescue Squad for Gift Emergencies

If there is any group of people that gets too little credit, it is first responders. Friends and family that put their life on the line to save lives deserve the best that you can find for them and that’s why I’ve put together 20 of the greatest gifts that you’re likely to encounter when it comes to emergency workers, so you know that you’re guaranteed to find a winner within these 20 gifts for first responders!

First Responder Travel Tumbler

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What emergency worker doesn’t love their coffee? Make sure it stays hot and ready to go with this tumbler that comes in different colors and proudly proclaims their profession!

Off Duty Save Yourself T-Shirt

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Even EMT workers need a day off, right? This humorous t-shirt emphasizes this point by letting would-be patients and people in need know exactly what the situation is.

Firefighter Keychain

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If you’ve got a significant other that works as a fireman, I’m sure that you worry about them every time that they are out on a call and here’s the perfect way to remind them that you’re thinking of them and exactly how you feel.

Hero Desktop Statue

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What fireman doesn’t deserve a statue declaring what they are? This “Hero” statue, proudly displays your opinion of your loved one that is the first to respond to save citizens all over their city.

First Responder Hoodie

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EMTs need to be comfy! This hoodie ensures that the first responder in your life gets to be comfy without sacrificing style and allows them to let the world know that they’re a special kind of hero.

Fireman Coffee Cup

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A perfect gift for the fireman in your life but this gift definitely comes with a caveat: They’re likely going to wander around calling themselves a “Bad Ass Smoke Eater”!

EMS Life: A Snarky Coloring Book For Adults

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What adult doesn’t like to color, right? This coloring book not only satisfies that certain itch you get when you’d love to just chill and color but it also serves up a side of snark that is certain to please any sarcastic EMT.

Medical Bag Christmas Ornament

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Even Christmas isn’t exempt from first responder accessories! This nifty ornament proudly shows off your gift recipient’s profession to anyone that gazes upon their Christmas tree and certainly shows your appreciation for their service!

Custom Pocket Knife And Flashlight Set

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This gift is perfect for nearly any first responder profession! Sleek and very snazzy, this knife and flashlight set is sure to serve as a welcome company along any first responder’s ride to their next call.

Handcuff Cufflinks

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Got a policeman in your social circle? The next time they get dressed up for an event, they’ve got a low-key way of bragging about their profession with these outstanding cufflinks. Handmade with a guarantee included, it’s sure to be a hit with your loved one.

Thin Blue/Red Line Baseball Cap

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Sometimes the coolest gifts are the simplest. Everyone has their favorite hat and I can almost promise you that this gift is going to be your first responder’s new one!

EMS Woven Throw Blanket

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Who doesn’t want a comfy blanket laying around the house that reminds someone of doing something they love? This version is the EMS but it comes in several different versions for first responders!

Thin Blue Line Wooden Watch

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You don’t see wooden watches very often and it’s a shame because these are incredibly stylish! While it includes the thin blue line art style, you can truly complete this sweet timepiece with a personal engraving!

Fire And Rescue Bottle Opener Keychain

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This bottle opener is perfect for a fire and rescue worker’s night off! Doubling as a keychain, it’s sure to turn a few heads and even make their coworkers envious with how subtle, yet very cool it is.

Crime Scene Keychain

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For the first responder in your life that is a fan of keychains, there’s this lovely addition! Styled to look like crime scene wrap, this one is sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

Off Duty Socks

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These socks make it clear when this first responder puts their feet up, they also post up a sign that you’d have to be blind to miss: OFF DUTY!

Personalized Police Decanter Set

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Who among us doesn’t enjoy a drink after a long day? First responders are no exception and why not help your certain someone add some class to their relaxation? This handmade glass decanter even includes custom engravings!

EMS Doormat

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If the EMS worker in your life wants the world to know their profession before they even enter their home, you’re gonna put a smile on their face with this gift for sure!

Thin Line ID Badge Reel

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First responders are always in need of good badge reels. Why not give them one that’s not only quality made but also a neat style for their line of work?

Firefighter Patent Art Print

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Personally, I’m a big fan of the patent type prints that have become popular lately and while I’m not a firefighter, I can’t imagine many people out there would be unhappy with such a cool gift. Doubly so for one that shows off the tools of their trade!

We’ve made it to the end of the list! I’m pretty confident in the fact that you’ve not only managed to find a gift, but you’re also likely trying to not buy several! Did you happen to come across anything on this list that the first responder in your life absolutely adored? Maybe you’re a fireman or EMT yourself and you stumbled upon something you couldn’t resist getting for yourself! Feel free to let us know on Twitter (@ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter) and thanks for checking out 20 Gifts For First Responders!

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