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Valentine’s Day Classroom Gifts for 8th Grade Students

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When shopping for classroom gifts itā€™s hard to please everyone, but even harder to please a class full of ā€œbig kidsā€. These gift ideas are a little bit more grown up to keep 8th graders happy. 8th Grade isn’t too old to have fun gifts to give classmates. Here are 20 awesome gifts perfect for Valentine’s Day but if you’re looking for gifts for younger students click here.

Fun Valentine’ Day Classroom Gifts for 8th Grade Students

Emoji Keychain

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Emojis are a pretty safe bet when it comes to shopping for kids. These set gives you a good assortment of expressions so you can pick the one that best suits each student.

Hanging Lanterns

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These would be fun to hang in the classroom for a Valentineā€™s Day celebration. Then the students could each take one home afterwards to hang in their room.

Treat Bags

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If you just want to do some simple treats you can always pick up some cute bags and fill them with some goodies.

Hot Chocolate Spoon

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You canā€™t go wrong with treats when it comes to Valentineā€™s day. All they have to do is put these spoons in hot milk and theyā€™ll turn into delicious hot chocolate.

Rose Pens

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Novelty writing utensils is an 8th grade crowd pleaser. Pick something Valentineā€™s Day themed like these fun rose pens. They even come in a classroom-sized pack!

Cute Gift Tags

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There are so many cute gift tags out there that you can download and print. Just pair it with a small gift and theyā€™re perfect classroom gifts! These lip balm ones are especially adorable.

Conversation Heart Stress Ball

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8th graders may not be under that must stress but theyā€™re really getting into that teen angst stage. This is a cute way to give them something that might actually be practical. Plus the sensory feeling of playing with them will be good for concentration.

Valentineā€™s Day Soap

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Hopefully all your 8th graders are taking showers and washing their hands, but why not give them some soap just to make sure. It looks like candy!

Heart Bracelets

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With older kids you want to stay away from those really childish plastic bracelets, but theyā€™re not too old for some variations. These ones look a little bit more grown up.


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These bookmarks are so cute, they say ā€œI would put my book down for youā€. The best part is they come laminated and ready to hand out.

Valentineā€™s Day Pins

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8th graders love pinning pins to their backpacks and other things. This set comes with cute classroom cards to hand out and each one has a pin attached. Theyā€™re styles that will appeal to this age group too.

Love Tokens

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These love tokens can be personalized to say anything you want. Kids can put them in with their coins and carry around some words of encouragement.

Personalized Heart Mug

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Thereā€™s something special about getting something with your name on it. Give one of these mugs out to classroom students as a practical, but unique gift.

Conversation Heart Kisses

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The best of both worlds! The kids will enjoy eating the chocolate but they also include some of the Valentineā€™s Day fun that conversation hearts bring.

Paper Straws

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Plastic straws is the environmental issue everyone seems to be talking about. Get them started by picking up some packs of paper straws for them to use instead of plastic.

Lip Balm Holder

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Theyā€™ll never lose their lip balm again with these cute Valentineā€™s Day themed lip balm holders. Theyā€™re also keychains so they can be attached to backpacks or even their house keys.

Felt Heart

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Although theyā€™re kind of past the toy stage, 8th grade students still like having plushies around. Get them something cute like these heart pillows.

Heart Cozy

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Itā€™s February so 8th grade students are probably trying to warm themselves up with a beverage. Sometimes, though, theyā€™re too hot – so always carry a mug cozy. Same with cold drinks; now they wonā€™t freeze your hands in the wintertime.

Tea Infusers

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This would be a great gift to include with a mug and maybe some age-appropriate tea. Thereā€™s lots of fruit flavours out there that donā€™t contain caffeine!

Cotton Candy Bath Bomb

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Thereā€™s nothing like a relaxing bath and 8th graders are starting to appreciate that. These bath bombs smell like candy but wonā€™t add to the overwhelming amount of treats kids get around holidays.

Itā€™s great that youā€™re not forgetting about these bigger kids when doing Valentineā€™s Day shopping. Just because theyā€™re newly minted teenagers doesnā€™t mean they donā€™t love getting a little something special. Don’t leave the teacher or younger students out, click here to see the rest of our Valentine’s day classroom posts.

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